Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why you should choose an expert instead of choosing a treatment

Do you find yourself searching the internet for "best treatment for X issue" (redness, sun spots, acne, etc.)? I know I did this MANY times over the years for treatments and even more for products, and this method NEVER worked for me. Not to say that searching for a treatment and purchasing that way doesn't work, but it certainly isn't the best approach.

Instead, what you should be doing is looking for a expert in your area that can come up with a plan just for you. WHY?
They can ask the important questions such as... What bothers you? What are you trying to correct? What are you trying to prevent? What are you trying to achieve? and more... we have a very extensive list of questions when doing an in depth consultation to help develop a personalized plan for your skin.
When you see an expert we can determine your skin type, where you fall on the Fitzpatrick scale, and recommend appropriate treatments based on this and your specific concerns.
Customization is key here! You don't want a one size fits all plan, because when it comes to skin it is NOT one size fits all!
What may have worked for your favorite blogger's acne won't necessarily work for your acne. We all have different skin types and skin tones, and treatments need to be chosen carefully What you may mistake as dry skin could be dead skin sitting on top of the surface and you need exfoliation for product penetration! What you may think is sun damage may not be sun damage at all and what you may think is run of the mill acne could be something completely different (rosacea for example).
Look for an office in your area that offers a WIDE array of treatments so you're not limited to the only treatment that office may be trying to sell, and find someone you TRUST!
You are guaranteed to get better results and achieve your skin goals when you search for an expert rather than googling "best treatment for X problem" because you may not being a candidate for that particular treatment and if put in the wrong hands you could end up burned, scarred, and in worse shape than before.
This brings up another issue I see a lot of in the industry, and that is that buying treatments off of GROUPON is NOT a customized approach. Most people see these treatments and again that treatment could be totally wrong for you, but there is no one there to tell you otherwise before you click BUY!
Also, (most of the time) those providers are usually not looking at the whole picture, but only performing the service you've purchased without taking your skin type, what specifically you are trying to treat, or concerns into consideration. Since you are purchasing this treatment on a whim because it's a "great deal" doesn't mean that it's the treatment for you!
So, you may spend a little more finding an expert rather than googling and grouponing, but I promise you it is SO worth it. Why invest that money at a "great price" when you could end up NOT achieving your goals or worse causing more damage than good?? Same goes with products, people waste A LOT of money over the years trying to find products that work for them by trial and error (myself included)  because so and so said it worked for them, and I know from experience that this approach does not work.
You won't regret finding someone you trust with expert skills to take your skin to the next level.

What do I mean by "expert"?
Look for a licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician with experience and expertise in the area and/or a board certified dermatologist, PA, NP, or RN!

I want to end this by saying that I will of course still be giving my reviews of certain treatments and products, but that is not to say it's necessarily for YOU or a specific person and I'll always explain in detail what it's for! It's best to see someone in person for an accurate and thorough consultation before making my recommendations, I can only say what I like from experience!
When you find someone you want to let take you through your skin journey, by all means, ask questions about specific treatments you may be interested in and they will be able to fully explain why it would or would not benefit you!

I hope all of you beautiful people reach your skin goals!!
XOXO and wear SPF!

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