Monday, October 1, 2018

Wear Test: Stila Stay All Day

I got a sample of this from Sephora and it was described (obviously) as a long wearing foundation so I figured I would do a wear test of this one! The color that matched me best was Light 3 and it blended in well.
This foundation is supposed to be a concealer and foundation in one so that makes me think full coverage and long lasting. It says that it is lightweight, high-definition, buildable coverage, oil-free, matte foundation. So lets get into it...

7:30 am upon application:
This looked great upon application and it is definitely a matte foundation. Pretty full coverage and everything layered on top well.

(tired eyes)

9:30 am update:
It still looks good, but I find it has seeped into the pores a little more than I would like...

2:00 pm
This has definitely broken up around my nose and around my jawline. It doesn't look too bad, but those spots are really falling apart...

6:00 pm
I am looking really oily here and my nose, chin, and jawline have not held up well. It still doesn't look terrible and I wouldn't say it's a BAD foundation, but not my favorite so far. There are definitely others that are more long wearing. I liked the finish of this and it went on nicely, but to me it's not worth purchasing.


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