Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Empties Lately

PCA Clearskin moisturizer- I go through this about every 4 months or so and it still amazes me that I'm sticking to the products I love and see results with! This is definitely a favorite of mine and I've already repurchased!

ZO exfoliating polish- I love using this stuff 2x a week for a quick physical exfoliation. I already have 2 back ups!

Lulu Organics hair powder- I really liked using this in place of a dry shampoo. I like the ingredients in this product and it definitely soaked up any excess oil! I would definitely purchase the full size of this although it is pretty pricey!

ZO daily power defense (full size)- Obsessed and will continue to break the bank for this product! I honestly can't go without it. It is a very lightweight moisturizer with plenty of actives (little bit of retinol, antioxidants, little bit of hydration) and my skin loves it.

Marc Jacobs Twinklepop in Volver- If you know me at all, you know it is so hard for me to fully go through a makeup product! I am always wanting to try new products especially when it comes to eye shadow. This is SO easy to do in the mornings before work and I still look put together. I love how neutral but pretty this color is and I already bought another in this color and one in hunny bunny! Absolutely love these!

Mychelle liquid tint SPF (not pictured)- I love the coverage that this tinted SPF gives, and it doesn't feel heavy. It has a matte finish and somedays I will skip foundation and use this with a wee bit of concealer under the eyes instead! Does the job beautifully!

EltaMD UV Clear- This is my every single darn day facial SPF and I just love it! It has niacinamide in it to help keep the skin clear, it's so light weight, and sits well underneath my makeup! I already have two back ups of this as well! Forever love this sunscreen.

EltaMD UV Pure- This SPF is purely a physical block and does NOT budge. This can be used on the face and body. This formula is 90 minutes water resistant. I wear this when I go for a run a and I don't sweat if off. I also use it on vacation (used it on our honeymoon the whole time) and it works really well! This has a slight white cast, but I don't mind that. Definitely have repurchased.

Urban Decay Deslick setting spray- I did like this, but I didn't repurchase this one, I went for the original setting spray when it was on sale and feel that they work the same way. My makeup definitely lasts longer when I use this and I'm not near as oily!

What products have you gone through lately that you love??

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