Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Eye products in rotation

Before I got into eye creams I have to say sorry I've been MIA! I am SO busy now a days and working A LOT so I don't have as much time to put into my blogging as I would like. I did get a new camera that I've been playing and experimenting with so I will have better quality pictures YAY! Bear with me in the process of figuring it out and the best way to use it!

Anyway here's the eye products in my rotation...Sometimes I wonder if eye products are necessary or if they even work... From my experience so far, eye creams are best for preventative measures and hydration rather than corrective. I have a few products in rotation right now that I use for different reasons.

1. ZO Hydrafirm- This one I use for preventing wrinkles around the eye area and for relief from dark circles. I like the texture of this product, it's not sticky or TOO moisturizing. It's got retinol in it, so it's good for turning over those skin cells and keeping the eye area looking youthful. I've been using this about twice a week and really liking it! There is kojic acid in here which targets that dark pigmentation from dark circles, along with shea butter for moisture, caffeine for puffiness, and antioxidants to fight free radicals.

2. VII Code T2 eye cream- I surprisingly have been liking this eye cream a lot. This is very moisturizing and it has been getting a lot of use this winter! My skin has been drier than normal with our crazy weather lately so something moisturizing has been necessary. I was hesitant to try something new because I find a lot of moisturizing eye creams will irritate my eye area and cause tiny little red bumps. I am happy to report this one has not done that. This has ingredients like chamomile, avocado, jojoba oil, apricot oil, hyaluronic acid, and aloe. It gives me just enough moisture around the eye area to keep my makeup going on smooth and it feels so nice on! I can't comment on the anti-aging benefits of the product because I haven't been using it for long enough. When using this product you are supposed to apply it with the crescent shaped applicator that it comes with, which is fine, but I don't see a huge difference between using the applicator and not using it. I like the texture and I'm so far impressed with it, I've been using this religiously!

3. EltaMD renew eye gel- I love that this one is a gel formula. This is the product I use during the summer when my skin is more normal and not needing a whole lot of moisture, but just a little something to keep some hydration in that area. The texture of this is perfect for spring/summer weather. It's not heavy at all and it doesn't irritate my eyes, which is exactly what I need. This one has ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and niacinamide. Another tip when using this is to pop it in the fridge and it's SO cooling on the eye area in the morning!

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