Monday, June 5, 2017


I've had a lot of new opportunities come my way that I am so excited about! For a while I was worried about where God would take me in the esthetics world. If I would be staying where I'm at, if I would be able to get a new job in medical aesthetics right away, or if I was going to have to find a spa type job first. I had so many questions and concerns about why and where and how everything was going to work out. BUT He could not have worked everything out better! I can now say that I am officially the new medical aesthetician at Louisiana Women's Aesthetics and you can come see me M/W/F WOO! I'm also so excited for my new personal training job at Ascension Fitness Company. I cannot think of two jobs more perfect for me. These two fit my passions and personality spot on and I can't wait to start this new part of my life! God continually amazes me with what he has in store for me. I mean who would have thought that I would get to be a personal trainer? AND get the job I wanted in aesthetics! He is so so good!

Update on my blog: I have been trying to come up with great content in all of my areas of interest and keep things interesting and entertaining, but it is hard these days while we are still in a rough spot. We have been living with my grandmother ever since the flood, and are in the process of building our house. We are about a month away from it being complete and I CANNOT wait! I will have a lot of new things up about how I will be storing my makeup and skincare, organization tips, and things like that! I am going to have the cutest vanity which I can't wait to share! I also may share our going through storage post because I'm sure there will be a lot of surprises there and a lot of throwing out and cleaning up! Once the house is done, it will be a lot easier for me because I will have more space, time, better lighting, and organization to be able to work more on my blog content. Posts may be sparse until then, but I want my content to be educational, fun, and really the best it can be!

Much love!


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  1. Congrats on your new opportunity!
    It's so incredibly exciting when things work out!