Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May (17) Empties

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo- I go through these regularly because I can barely make it past a day without getting greasy hair! Still one of my favorites and I use this ALLLL the time!

2. Degree Deodorant- Same with this stuff. I go through this a lot as well. Although I would rather not use this everyday because of the ingredients like aluminum chlorohydrate, fragrance, and butane and it's a spray and I swear every time I use this I have to leave the room because the smell will knock me out. Unfortunately this is the ONLY thing that works on me! Anyone got any better options?

3. Nars Laguna- I rarely hit pan on makeup products but I managed to go through this entire pan! I will say that this was a mini I got in a kit so it's not the full size, but I still went though it! I love this brozer as you can tell, it's definitely one of my favorites! I'm using a few others from my collection right now so I can get some use out of them, but am missing this one!

4. Roccoco Pore Cleansing Oil- I think I cried a little when I ran out of this sample. This cleansing oil is AMAZING. I love that it emulsifies as you use it, it doesn't feel extra greasy even though it's oil, and the ingredients are just SO SO good. It takes off all of my makeup no problem and my skin looks and feels great after using this! I love Roccoco and trust the results I've seen from this line. Really wanting the full size of this cleanser to add to my routine.

5. PCA Skin Intensive Clarity Treatment (0.5% retinol)- This is the retinol I've been using lately. I like the ingredients PCA uses in their products, they are effective and have really impressed me lately. (I may do a review of the line and things I've used from it altogether so I can go into more detail, interested?) I have been using this twice weekly for about 6 weeks. I was SO tired of the spots on my jawline lingering for no apparent reason and was just DONE with them so I had to step it up a little beyond my daily skincare. To see results from using a retinol you usually wait at least 90 days of use. I can already tell that this has been working, but I've got a little while to go to see full results. I am excited to see where this gets me in 90 days! I have a backup sample size I am busting open and will purchase the full size after I finish that one!

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