Monday, May 8, 2017

Downtown Date with Dad

So this weekend I figured out my dad takes pretty good blog pictures... Everyone else is out of town so we went downtown for a little afternoon Magpie date (my favorite) and afterwards walked the levee. He ended up getting some good shots and all with no complaints... what a guy.

Anyway, there is one thing you should know after seeing this... I HATE wearing jeans. I hate the way most of them fit. I've worn leggings so often I normally just end up putting a pair of them on. I'm spoiled to the way they feel like you're wearing nothing. Jeans are too tight in my quads, too loose in my waist, and the ones that do fit are so tight I can barely breathe! That is until I found the most perfect pair in the entire world. I scored these jeans and this top from Marshalls and they are so comfortable. They're basically jeggings, but they're not skin tight. They're loose enough in my quads, they have a band on the waist which gives them a legging feel, and they're cropped! When we got home I didn't immediately take them off to breathe because they're that comfortable!

Now about the top... This is a t-shirt I can dress up or down and it's perfectly my style. The back is mesh so it's a little different. The slits in the armpits make it look girly but are also great for me because it's breezy (so I didn't get sweaty)! The color isn't black or grey (my go-to's) so that's a win for me. It's still neutral but light and perfect for spring/summer! 

This is not cute, but he insisted I take a picture like the statue.

Top (similar)
Jeans (similar)
Sandals 1 2 (both similar)

Happy Monday everyone!

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