Thursday, March 30, 2017

A few tidbits

Warning this post is all over the place but I wanted to share a few thoughts!

I went through a phase before I started school where everything I used on my face HAD to be natural and organic. I could feel myself getting crunchier by the minute, not that that was a bad thing but it led to a lot of learning and exploration for me! 
I had to find a balance because I could feel myself starting to question everything I knew about skincare. I questioned everything my dermatologist told me. Of course different things work for different people and I am a strong believer that no one person has the same type of skin. Of course you can have oily skin and so can I but what works for you may not work for me. I've learned so much through my own research as well as education from school.
Here are a few things about natural and synthetic "chemicals"  (and other tidbits) I've  learned through my experience and education...

1. SO IMPORTANT...What works for some doesn't work for others. I have seen people talk about how bad chemical peels are for you if used over time, but yet I have seen results of people using them with no long term damage and beautiful skin! Chemical peels can be a great option for a while to help the skin's texture, pigmentation issues, and acne issues. Obviously if they're not working for you, don't continue to do them and do NOT DIY chemical peels!

2. Not all synthetic or "chemical" ingredients are harmful! There are SO many synthetic ingredients out there that are effective at clearing and healing your skin as well as being nontoxic! Also, not all natural ingredients are good for you! There can be many toxic ingredients that are in fact natural. I had to learn for my own about each single ingredient used in products, what it did, what it was used for, and what the risks were. 
For example retin-a and retinols if used properly can yield amazing results. Key here is if used properly, and many people do not.

3. My whole take on skincare has become all about a balance between getting the most effective results while still being nontoxic. I still don't like the idea of putting toxic HARSH chemicals on my face because it does more harm than good. I exhausted every harsh option with no results.
 But that doesn't mean because it's not all natural it's toxic. 
I use organic skincare (mostly eminence and what I make) because it's what works for me. But I also love getting microdermabrasion, and chemical peels now and then. 

Like I said, I use organic skincare because it's what I've found works for me and I have seen results with what I've been using. I LOVE effective natural skincare but I also love effective not all natural skincare (as long as it's nontoxic) just make sure to educate yourself on the ingredients that are in the products you're using. 
Many drugstore skincare brands don't have many active ingredients in them at all.
Another side note: if something is effective and can be toxic to your body YOU have to weigh the risks and benefits for yourself. For example accutane. It can be super toxic to your body but it's up to you if the benefit outweighs the risk. I personally would choose a different option but both my brother and sister used accutane. They had some aches and pains but they both have beautiful skin. 

4. Don't trust someone just because they write a blog post on something, trust thorough research and evidence. I have to see physical evidence before I believe everything I read.. I was falling into the trap of believing everything people were saying on social media and posts that were not reliable sources. 

5. I'm learning more and more every day! I love learning about new things, new products, new ingredients, and ways to make others look and feel their best. Continuing education will be my best friend.

6. If you're having problems with your skin, find a professional. I went straight to a dermatologist when I started this journey and I wish I would have seen an esthetician first, had someone get to know and care about my skin the way I do and work with me! 
Beware though, a lot of "professionals" don't know what they're doing! Make sure to find someone passionate about skin and helping you as much as you are! They're out there! 

7. Love the skin you're in. No matter what. 

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