Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Updated Routine Part 1: Skincare

Finally getting around to writing this post! I have been trying a lot of new products lately to review and see what works for me and what doesn't. Honestly, I tried so many new things and new brands that my skin went CRAZY because my routine was changing day to day. I have finally found a routine that is agreeing with me that I've been able to stay consistent with. (Make sure to read this post all the way through!)

Morning- I don't have much time in the mornings these days before work so I don't spend too much time on my skin. I like to be a little more minimal here.
1. Cleanse with Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser after I workout. If I haven't worked out sometimes I will just rinse my face with warm water.

2. Next, I will use the Eminence Clear Skin Willow Bark serum in my problem areas and let that sink in.

3. I moisturize with Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer and rub it in well until it's all been absorbed and I don't feel any residue.

4. Sunscreen. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN. I don't care if its snowing and your in a cave... wear sunscreen. I've been finding spots lately that just randomly pop up out of nowhere on my face and upper back. Even if you can't see spots yet, if you don't wear sun protection you will see them eventually. Lately, I've been using the COOLA mineral sunscreen since I ran out of my Zatik sunscreen. I have been trying a few new ones lately to see if I like something else better. Regardless, WEAR SUN PROTECTION during the day!

1. If I have makeup on I will remove it with my oil cleanser  and remove with a warm towel. I would rather use a deep cleansing oil at night because I know it's going to take off all traces of makeup including eye makeup and my skin feels soft and moisturized afterward. I will second cleanse with either PCA facial wash (no more than twice a week because this one is drying) or Eminence clear skin probiotic cleanser (my favorite)

2. Serum- Willow bark serum and Reviva firming eye serum. I will pat this in with my ring fingers around my eye area. This is very moisturizing although I don't find it has a ton of actives in it. It's perfect for everyday use to keep my eye area moisturized. I will use the PCA eye serum once or twice a week because that one is VERY active so I use it as a preventative measure to keep the wrinkles away.

3. Clear Skin Moisturizer around my breakout areas/hormonal areas. I will use the Stone Crop moisturizer or PCA Rebalance in any areas I feel need a little extra moisturizing (usually my forehead, nose, and neck).

Mask once or twice a week:
If I'm breaking out I love to use Frightening Green by Earthwise Beauty (which I'm now out of), or Eminence Organic Clear Skin mask (love the smell of this!) for quick healing. I use the clear skin the most and my skin really loves this stuff. It smells like cucumber and is very cooling. I leave this on for about 10 minutes while taking a bath at night.

Exfoliation: I will either get a microderm facial (which I love) or do an enzyme mask. Personally I like doing them together. I LOVE LOVE enzyme masks. My instructor puts it this way, enzymes are like little pacmen eating away at dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and anything else that shouldn't be in/on your skin. For this I love PCA Revitalize enzyme mask (this one is SO powerful and burns a little but in a good way) and Eminence pineapple 10% enzyme mask. A day or two later things come up to the surface for easy extraction and once that stage is over my skin and the texture of my skin looks and feels SO much better.
Be sure not to over exfoliate the skin! And do NOT use a scrub on active breakouts!

I love trying new things but I have learned the importance of consistency. I am using the same products for at least 3 months before I judge. Purging is a real thing so I'm not throwing something out if I break out within a week or so, I have to give it a little time. I have also learned that if I am constantly giving into all of the instagram hype and falling for every product I see someone rave about, I don't get anywhere. I just end up spending more money and changing my routine AGAIN which is absolutely no help to me.
Consistency is key!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my updated routine which will be all about the supplements I am taking daily and why!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Waiting on God's timing

I'm going to be honest here, waiting is not exactly my strong suit. I have been forced to wait for so many things in life and I know now why waiting is so important. God will not give you something before it's time. I've tried so hard to force things in life... force timing and force relationships rather than waiting on the Lord. I've learned the hard way that His timing is perfect timing. The Lord knows what we need when we need it as well as WHO we need in our lives.

For the longest time I wanted things done MY way and always did everything I could to achieve that. To some extent that's good, but I never knew how to surrender to the Lord's plan and let Him work in my life on my behalf. I was in relationships I wasn't supposed to be in and only delaying His perfect plan for me because of stubbornness and impatience. If I would have done things my own selfish way, I would have ended up with the wrong person, living a miserable life only liking the idea of the way I had planned my life out. I was living in sin and compromising things I knew to be wrong all because I didn't want to wait on Him, I wanted it NOW. Nothing was right, nothing was working out, nothing was beautiful. It was NOT yet time. Once I finally surrendered to God's plan for my life was when it all started to fall into place. He didn't leave me lonely like I feared He would if I didn't have control. I found where I was supposed to be, what I was passionate about, and the most loving, kindhearted, and perfect man for me.

As I move into new stages and seasons of life, I STILL have to learn to wait everyday. My most recent example was waiting on a job. I feared I wouldn't find one, but I had to surrender that to Him and it fell into place at the perfect time.
Now I don't mind it (as much) because I've learned how to surrender my plan to His plan. Even though it's not fun, and it's not NOW nor what I had in mind, it's necessary because it's THE BEST. He knows best and the hardest part is surrendering and being in the waiting.

These are a few of my favorite verses for those times when I find I start to get ahead of God's plan and timing...

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

I love this one so much because it shows the beauty of waiting. Everything is made BEAUTIFUL in its time and I know that I want the most beautiful, perfect plan that God has set before me. I know to get that, I MUST surrender and wait on HIS perfect timing.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January (17) Empties

Eminence Stone Crop Toner- This was a great toner especially for some extra hydration and healing. This toner includes some salicylic acid in it so it is also suitable for oily skin. I liked to keep this around and I may eventually repurchase this. As of right now I don't think it's a necessity and personally I can do without.

Zatik Argan and Yarrow Sunscreen- I really liked this sunscreen. After using most of this, I looked over some different comedogenic lists and there are a few ingredients in here on those lists (ex. argan oil, cacao, ) and I don't want to take ANY chances using anything that could possibly contribute to break outs. For that reason I haven't repurchased it. I don't feel as though this broke me out and I love that they use zinc oxide as their form of protection, but like I said I don't want to take any chances so I will stay away from it for a while and see if I can find something better. 

I ordered the Eminence Clear Skin starter set and have used up most of the products included...
Eminence Clear Skin Cleanser (travel size)- I know I've talked about this line a lot lately, but it's what I've been using for the last few months and I really believe that it has done a lot for my skin. This cleanser is gentle, but I still feel like it's cleaning my skin. It lightly lathers up as you cleanse your skin and I love the smell! This cleanser has ingredients such as willow bark, cucumber juice, lactic acid, tea tree oil, and more. All great for acne prone skin! I have already purchased the full size of this and will be staying consistent with it!

Eminence Clear Skin Moisturizer (travel size)- This moisturizer is very light but still very moisturizing. I have purchased the full size of this product as well because I absolutely love it. This also has ingredients great for acne prone skin very similar to what is in the cleanser. This does have some shea butter and I know not everyone's acne prone skin agrees with shea butter so just a warning if that's you. I personally have no problems with this moisturizer and I can tell my skin loves it!

(Not pictured) Eminence Willow Bark Booster Serum- This is my favorite of the bunch and it's not pictured because I noticed I ran out RIGHT after I took my pictures. This has worked wonders for my skin. It's very lightweight and I believe it has been very powerful and effective at reducing my acne and acne scarring. I LOVE this serum and yes, I've already purchased the full size!

*All of the Eminence Organics products have a think dirty rating of 4 or LESS! The ingredients in these products are nontoxic and I believe they are very effective.*

Good Medicine Beauty Lab Rain- I still love this oil cleanser. It's perfect for using as a first cleanse when I have makeup on. It does a great job of removing makeup including eye makeup and I will second cleanse with the Eminence Clear Skin cleanser. Although I love this cleanser, I'm not sure if I will repurchase. I will probably be using my own oil cleanser to remove makeup or just hemp seed oil!

Batiste Dry Shampoo- Still one of my favorites! I go through this stuff so quickly. I wash my hair every other day but on that second day hair it looks REAL rough. I feel like my hair just looks greasy almost immediately even if it's not necessarily dirty so I spray a little of this and it's good as new. Already have repurchased and bought the full size to keep in my workout bag!