Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Workout Essentials

I absolutely LOVE my Lululemon tote bag. It holds everything I could possibly need for my workout. It has every little pocket labeled for you and tells you where everything should go (not that you have to follow this obviously, but I like it!) It is SO cute.

and my personal favorite...

1. Preworkout- I used to use Epiq Strike Preworkout from GNC which is what they recommended. I recently switched to Vega Preworkout which uses natural forms of caffiene as well as no artificial sweetners. I can absolutely tell the difference between a workout without preworkout and a workout with it. I am WAY more focused, motivated, not near as tired, and much more on my game. My hands tingle and I feel like I can conquer the world. This is especially great when I get my early morning workouts in. I feel a lot better about using a more natural form of preworkout and so far it's working well for me and I don't feel my body shaking and getting all crazy like it can with a typical preworkout supplement.

2. Protein bar or protein powder for post workout. I have to have some form of protein after I workout. I always carry one of these with me and the power crunch bars are my favorite. They remind me of a kit kat.
The protein powder I use is ON Gold Standard Whey. This one has no artificial sweetners which I am so thankful for. I hate when protein shakes have that disgusting after taste.

3. Shaker Bottle for my preworkout or protein shake. I like this one because the bottom will connect to the actual bottle and I can store my powder for later.

3. 32 oz. water bottle- I LOVE having a big water bottle. This saves me extra trips to the water fountain (or just being lazy and not filling a smaller bottle up) and keeps me hydrated throughout my workout.

4. Deodorant- For obvious reasons...

5. Beats bluetooth headphones- These are perfect for a workout because you don't have to have your phone ON you or wires sticking out of your pockets. It's easy and they have awesome sound quality and a great battery life!

6. Ibuprofen for when my wrist or knees start acting up. I take a couple of these to bring down inflammation and help me perform better in my workout.

6. Nike Metcons- So far I love these shoes. They go with me no matter what I'm doing. They are great for lifting as well as transitioning to cardio. I don't love running in these though, I find my calves start to burn because they are very flat and my feet need more support. BUT that makes them great for lifting. They are perfect crossfit shoes!

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