Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November (17) Empties

I went through so many goodies this month! I'm finally at the point where I know what I love and I'm going through them often and repurchasing what works for me!


ZO Skin Health Daily Power Defense- I've talked about this product before and this is a star product in my AM routine. It's a multi tasker and I can't be without this product! This was the travel size bottle that I went through and it lasted me a good while. I loved this so much I purchased the full size of it recently. Not a cheap product, but so SO worth it! If you're not using this, you should be.

ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish- I use this twice a week in the AM. This is a great product for getting rid of dead skin cells and getting a good surface exfoliation. I had two back ups of it at home already and definitely pulled out another. I keep this in my rotation to keep my skin soft and smooth. It doesn't irritate my skin because the crystals are micro crystals so it's not scrubbing my face off. Love this stuff!

Roccoco Decongesting Porefection- I got this travel size a while ago and finally went through it once I really got my routine figured out. This is a great lightweight moisturizer for oily skin gals. This isn't thick or goopy. I feel like I need a little more during the winter months because I tend to get dry patches around my mouth and nose. I haven't repurchased this YET but I am planning on making an order very soon once I get all the Christmas shopping done! If you have acne prone oily skin you need to check out this brand. Their products are SO effective and they will do everything they can to help you!

EltaMD UV Clear 46- This is one of my favorite sunscreens. I use this on my face and neck every day. This is great for anyone with rosacea, or acne prone skin. It's got niacinamide in it so it helps to keep the skin clear and it has clear zinc so it doesn't leave a white cast on the skin. LOVE this and yes I have another!


Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder- I tried to live without this I really tried and I didn't have a good time... I love baking under my eyes with this, it really is brightening and locks in my concealer for all day wear. This lasted me FOREVER I was actually happy when I went through it because I rarely go through something makeup wise because I am always trying new things. This goes to show how much I love this stuff and I definitely repurchased because I can't go without!


GNC Energy & Metabolism Multi- I've gone through plenty of these and I still like them. They give me an extra boost and they come in a double pack so I had a backup!

Carlson Zinc- Okay this is a supplement I CANNOT live without. A while back I did a post on the supplements I use to keep coldsores away and this is one of them. The PA that told me the secret supplements to keep them away warned me that I had to take them EVERY DAY or one would pop up. His exact words "If you skip two days one will come up." So I hadn't had one in almost a YEAR on my supplements and I ran out of my zinc. I figured I was safe because I wasn't stressed. hadn't been in the sun, and I feel like my immune system is much stronger now... I GOT A FREAKING COLD SORE from skipping TWO days without this. Needless to say immediately ordered another bottle...

Asthaxanthin- I won't spend too much time on this one, but I love what this does to my skin and I like the extra antioxidants and joint support so I continue to order and take this daily.


Mitchum Spray in Pure Fresh: I've been using this lately because I found it has the highest active ingredient and I don't know why but I've been a sweaty mess lately. This is the best deo I've found and this scent is nice and fresh. I can't handle the overpowering powder smell so this is nice and subtle. I've already purchased two more!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wear Test: Maybelline Fit Me

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation first of all... SO much bang for your buck! This foundation is about 7.99 at walgreens, so if they have a sale or a buy one get one or you have points, just buy this! You can't beat the price of this drugstore foundation AND it performs. Keep reading to see how it wore on my oily skin!

7:30 am as soon as I got in the car. This foundation went on beautifully and all of my products sat on top of it nicely. So far so good.

I didn't get a lunch time update because we were so busy, but this was 4:30 pm right before leaving work to go to the gym... This foundation has barely budged. Only slightly breaking up around my nose and this is without powdering or touching up throughout the day. 

Here is more of a close up to see how it sat on the pores. 
I'm slightly shiny and it showed a little bit of texture (honestly they all do) but I am very impressed by this drugstore find!

Overall this foundation has really wowed me and I can see why everyone goes crazy for this one. It is SO affordable and really long lasting. It looked great throughout the day and I definitely give it a thumbs up!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Beauty Favorites

Happy Halloween everyone! It is finally starting to feel like fall over here with some cooler and drier air. I'm currently sipping coffee from my halloween mug in my halloween socks that say BOO all over them. It is crazy to think that it is not almost Thanksgiving and holiday season is in full swing!
Anyway, here are some of my October beauty favorites...

ZO Skin Health Daily Power Defense- This is hands down my favorite product. This has everything you need in it. It is packed with your daily antioxidants, a whisper of retinol to keep the skin exfoliated and reproducing collagen, and it's also got moisturizing properties. This is a one stop shop for your morning routine and it is my FAVORITE!

ZO Medical Aknebright- This is a 2% salicylic acid spot treatment for active acne as well as pigmentation issues from acne scarring and picking at the skin. I have been using this in my hormonal areas lately and it has worked wonders for me! You squeeze the tube and it has small roller balls that you roll over the area, and the product makes a seal over the skin. This is a fantastic and very potent spot treatment. The only thing I am not sure about is cleaning this afterwards because it goes directly onto the skin.

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara- I have quickly fallen in love with this mascara! It makes my lashes look long, thick, and fluttery. When I first used this I wasn't sold, but I gave it a good shot and I am SO glad I did because I truly love this mascara! I will do a post soon on my top 3 drugstore mascaras because I love them so much that I will never need to buy high end mascara!

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation- I have been loving this foundation. It is matte, but somehow still gives my skin a glow without looking oily. It makes my skin look naturally beautiful and flawless. This is long lasting, has great coverage, and is absolutely beautiful on the skin!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer- This has been a long time favorite, but I use this every single day and am still so in love with it! Full coverage, blends out perfectly, and I know I can't go wrong with it!

Elizabeth and James Nirvana French Grey- This is the most perfect fall perfume. It's got notes of musk, neroli, and lavender all of which I love. Lavender is my absolute favorite, so I knew I would like this. It smells like fall to me and is very fresh.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

How I stay motivated

Here are a few ways I stay motivated to get back into the gym everyday...

1 Writing my workouts for the week ahead of time. I, at least, want to have something written before I get to the gym. If I don't write out all of my workouts at the beginning of the week, I do it before I make my way to the gym. This helps me not waste any time once I get there and I can mentally prepare for what I'm about to do. I usually have an idea of what I want to work each week so writing down ideas as they come to me helps A LOT. Prepare a little something before you show up and it will help you rock it out!

2. Wearing cute outfits & feeling put together. I love looking cute in the gym... since it's my job now, that's really where I spend most of my time either working or working out so I feel better about it if I'm looking put together (and professional). Nothing like showing off your cute new leggings in the gym!

3. Preworkout... If I take preworkout there's no way I'm not going to the gym. It gives me that extra energy boost to get to the gym and power through my workout! 

4. RESULTS! Gaining and maintaining results is my greatest motivator.  When I can physically see that all of my hard work is paying off I can't help but keep it up! I love seeing what my body can do if I work for it. I am always pushing to be better, do more, lift heavier, and make my body work for it!

5. Enjoyment. I LOVE being in the gym! I love how I feel after a good workout. I can get out any stress I may have and I get that feeling of accomplishment. I feel more energetic, less stressed, and I love the pump I get! 

I know it's hard to get to the gym and things come up in life, but making time for you is so important! You don't have to spend 2 hours in the gym 6 days a week to get results or to feel better. If 30 minutes is all you have, DO IT! Something is better than nothing!

If it's a struggle to get there, go put on some cute leggings & a cute tank, write a little something, take some preworkout, and get going! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wear Test: Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

I will be starting a new series on the blog doing a wear test of some "long wear" foundations. I have oily skin and need a foundation that will last me throughout the work day without breaking apart and seeping into every pore on my face. There are so many foundations that claim to be long wearing with an all day matte finish, so I am going to put those claims to the test. I'm not sugar coating it, because I want to find what will truly last on my skin throughout the entire day! Does that even exist?

 I will be testing high end, drugstore, green, and conventional foundations. Let's see how long wearing these are and if they are worth getting!

First up is the Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation. This one claims to be a 14 hour wear with a matte finish for all skin types. It also claims to be oil controlling while not looking cakey. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Upon Application 7:00 am :
Initial application is smooth, easy, and BEAUTIFUL!

(In the car about 30 mins later... just to show the lighting difference)

Lunch time 12:30 pm :

Still looks beautiful around lunch time. It has broken up around my nose just a tiny bit but nothing major compared to some others and it has held up well so far. I'm not a grease pit right now so that's a good sign.

Leaving work 5:00 pm:

Still looking good. Still mainly broken up on my nose, but I haven't touched up with powder all day which I usually have to. I wear protective glasses as well because I'm working with lasers all day, and it surprisingly held up well in that area. My forehead looks a wee bit oily but nothing crazy. It has sunk into the pores on my chin (which is normal of any foundation on me) but it's not very noticeable unless you're over analyzing my face (like me). I just got to the point of feeling like I need to touchup, but it still looks good.

Verdict: I wore this makeup out to dinner afterwards... I fixed up my eye makeup and had to use some powder to touchup my oily areas and definitely fix the nose situation, but overall it looked beautiful. It didn't feel cakey, had a nice finish that wasn't too matte but not shiny and I enjoyed wearing this foundation. Coming from an over oily greasy gal I give it a thumbs up!
I wore this again the next week and used a setting spray afterwards and it lasted even longer. I worked at the gym for 2 hours that evening and then did a quick workout and I kid you not it still looked good. So far loving this!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How much does He love us?

It is so easy to read how much The Lord loves you. It's written everywhere in the Bible, people say it at church or in passing "Jesus loves you!", but it's different when you fully understand, feel, and know His love deeper. In Ephesians 3:17-19 Paul says, "I pray that you, being ROOTED and ESTABLISHED in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how WIDE and LONG and HIGH and DEEP is the love of Christ, and to KNOW this love that surpasses knowledge- that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."

Knowing the love of Christ is more than just having head knowledge of it, it's truly knowing it in your heart and feeling a deeper sense of His love. You must be rooted and established in love to grasp this understanding.
It's life changing when you realize how much He truly loves us.

"How deep, how wide, how high is your love for me? I can never see the end!" -Amanda Cook
Never See the End from Brave New World
(I always use her music as an example because I love reading passages in the Bible that I've heard and sang from my heart and put it all together. And she's one of my faves...)

Read this passage today and ask the Lord to help you gain a deeper understanding of His love for you. Prepare to be changed!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Calling on Him in every season

First of all... How true is this meme?

This is so true for me! Every emotion I feel I call my mom and let her in on everything! Even if I'm not happy or sad or emotional I will call her and we can say nothing on the phone and I'm content.

Many times I find I call on the Lord only in rough seasons of need or distress. When I'm going through a dark place, struggling with something, or need something I call on Him. This meme should apply to your relationship with the Lord and not only your mom or best friend. Of course call on Him in times of need and He will give you rest ("Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28)  but call on Him in good times too! Call on Him in every season of life because life is better with Him... Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! (Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4)
 Call on Him when everything is going great. Thank Him constantly in good times and in bad! Stressed, happy, anxious, sad, excited, annoyed, scared *Call on Jesus!*

Sunday, August 6, 2017

July (17) Empties

So far I have repurchased the PCA clearskin moisturizer. It's just the right amount of moisture for my oily skin with some good ingredients. I also purchased the intense clarity retinol and use it every other night and it's been working wonders for me! I used up two sample sizes of it before I purchased the full size. 
I'm also in the process of purchasing some more Roccoco products. I fell in LOVE with the Plant Harmonising Serum. It is SO good for those hormonal areas. It keeps those areas clear even at the worst point of the month. 
I've repurchased both of my vitamins/supplements because they are working well for me. While everyone else burnt at the beach, (both beach trips) I was free and clear of any burns. Of course I was slathered in sunscreen as well but I give a lot of credit to the astaxanthin I've been taking everyday. It's a high antioxidant so it protects from free radicals, is great for the skin, eyes, and joints!
I love the GNC multi-vitamins and will continue taking those every single day!

I haven't repurchased any of the makeup products yet, but I do love the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. By far the best drugstore concealer out there. 
About the Eminence willow bark serum... I do still love it, but I feel that the Roccoco serums took the place of that and I don't really see a need for it anymore. At this point I will not be repurchasing because I can do without it. 

House update: I will be moving next week!! FINALLY! Can't wait to have some better blogging material, photos, backgrounds, and updated posts! So happy I will have a better space for this and I will be able to put some more time into it! Stay tuned!


Monday, June 5, 2017


I've had a lot of new opportunities come my way that I am so excited about! For a while I was worried about where God would take me in the esthetics world. If I would be staying where I'm at, if I would be able to get a new job in medical aesthetics right away, or if I was going to have to find a spa type job first. I had so many questions and concerns about why and where and how everything was going to work out. BUT He could not have worked everything out better! I can now say that I am officially the new medical aesthetician at Louisiana Women's Aesthetics and you can come see me M/W/F WOO! I'm also so excited for my new personal training job at Ascension Fitness Company. I cannot think of two jobs more perfect for me. These two fit my passions and personality spot on and I can't wait to start this new part of my life! God continually amazes me with what he has in store for me. I mean who would have thought that I would get to be a personal trainer? AND get the job I wanted in aesthetics! He is so so good!

Update on my blog: I have been trying to come up with great content in all of my areas of interest and keep things interesting and entertaining, but it is hard these days while we are still in a rough spot. We have been living with my grandmother ever since the flood, and are in the process of building our house. We are about a month away from it being complete and I CANNOT wait! I will have a lot of new things up about how I will be storing my makeup and skincare, organization tips, and things like that! I am going to have the cutest vanity which I can't wait to share! I also may share our going through storage post because I'm sure there will be a lot of surprises there and a lot of throwing out and cleaning up! Once the house is done, it will be a lot easier for me because I will have more space, time, better lighting, and organization to be able to work more on my blog content. Posts may be sparse until then, but I want my content to be educational, fun, and really the best it can be!

Much love!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May (17) Empties

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo- I go through these regularly because I can barely make it past a day without getting greasy hair! Still one of my favorites and I use this ALLLL the time!

2. Degree Deodorant- Same with this stuff. I go through this a lot as well. Although I would rather not use this everyday because of the ingredients like aluminum chlorohydrate, fragrance, and butane and it's a spray and I swear every time I use this I have to leave the room because the smell will knock me out. Unfortunately this is the ONLY thing that works on me! Anyone got any better options?

3. Nars Laguna- I rarely hit pan on makeup products but I managed to go through this entire pan! I will say that this was a mini I got in a kit so it's not the full size, but I still went though it! I love this brozer as you can tell, it's definitely one of my favorites! I'm using a few others from my collection right now so I can get some use out of them, but am missing this one!

4. Roccoco Pore Cleansing Oil- I think I cried a little when I ran out of this sample. This cleansing oil is AMAZING. I love that it emulsifies as you use it, it doesn't feel extra greasy even though it's oil, and the ingredients are just SO SO good. It takes off all of my makeup no problem and my skin looks and feels great after using this! I love Roccoco and trust the results I've seen from this line. Really wanting the full size of this cleanser to add to my routine.

5. PCA Skin Intensive Clarity Treatment (0.5% retinol)- This is the retinol I've been using lately. I like the ingredients PCA uses in their products, they are effective and have really impressed me lately. (I may do a review of the line and things I've used from it altogether so I can go into more detail, interested?) I have been using this twice weekly for about 6 weeks. I was SO tired of the spots on my jawline lingering for no apparent reason and was just DONE with them so I had to step it up a little beyond my daily skincare. To see results from using a retinol you usually wait at least 90 days of use. I can already tell that this has been working, but I've got a little while to go to see full results. I am excited to see where this gets me in 90 days! I have a backup sample size I am busting open and will purchase the full size after I finish that one!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Downtown Date with Dad

So this weekend I figured out my dad takes pretty good blog pictures... Everyone else is out of town so we went downtown for a little afternoon Magpie date (my favorite) and afterwards walked the levee. He ended up getting some good shots and all with no complaints... what a guy.

Anyway, there is one thing you should know after seeing this... I HATE wearing jeans. I hate the way most of them fit. I've worn leggings so often I normally just end up putting a pair of them on. I'm spoiled to the way they feel like you're wearing nothing. Jeans are too tight in my quads, too loose in my waist, and the ones that do fit are so tight I can barely breathe! That is until I found the most perfect pair in the entire world. I scored these jeans and this top from Marshalls and they are so comfortable. They're basically jeggings, but they're not skin tight. They're loose enough in my quads, they have a band on the waist which gives them a legging feel, and they're cropped! When we got home I didn't immediately take them off to breathe because they're that comfortable!

Now about the top... This is a t-shirt I can dress up or down and it's perfectly my style. The back is mesh so it's a little different. The slits in the armpits make it look girly but are also great for me because it's breezy (so I didn't get sweaty)! The color isn't black or grey (my go-to's) so that's a win for me. It's still neutral but light and perfect for spring/summer! 

This is not cute, but he insisted I take a picture like the statue.

Top (similar)
Jeans (similar)
Sandals 1 2 (both similar)

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint

I purchased this after seeing Celestyna of MOSS post about her favorite sunscreens. I was already looking around for another lightly tinted SPF because the one I had been using I didn't love the texture of. I wear only tinted SPF every other day to have a break from piling makeup onto my skin, so I wanted something that evened out my skin a bit, but nothing that was too much.

Here is what this looks like blended into the skin...

I got the nude color, but it comes in natural tan as well which is the darker version. It starts out very runny but dries and blends in quickly and easily. This was all within 10 or so seconds. Beautiful light matte finish.

I absolutely have been LOVING this stuff. I love the texture on my skin. It doesn't sit on top of the skin with that silicone feel to it, but it's still got a matte finish. It provides a very light but lovely tint. I honestly don't even feel like I have anything on at all. This works so perfectly on my oily skin. There is nothing greasy feeling about it, and I don't feel gross halfway through the day.

As the packaging says, this product is reef safe. The active ingredient being 16% zinc oxide. It has a broad spectrum SPF of 50. It is made without GMO, Gluten, Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances, and Artificial Colors. AND it's vegan and cruelty free! The ingredients in this product are fantastic for example zinc, bentonite, glycerin, jojoba esters and more! I've had no problems at all with this so far. Another plus is the price! This was only $22! Umm, yes please give me all of it.

Make sure to follow the directions and shake well before pumping out! Like I said, it starts out very runny and dries VERY QUICKLY. My tip for this is to work in sections of the face. Start with one cheek and blend into the chin, jaw line, and neck. Do the same on the other side, and then finish with the forehead and nose.

Make sure you are wearing an SPF daily!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April (17) Empties

Jason Lavender Body Wash- still my favorite body wash and will continue to repurchase. I keep telling myself to try another scent but I'm so obsessed with lavender! Love this stuff!

Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser- You all know how much I love this cleanser so there's no surprise here that I've already repurchased it and cracked the new one open!

Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30- I liked this SPF pretty good. I like the ingredients Coola uses and I liked that this had a very matte finish to it. This did pretty well under makeup, but I didn't like to wear it alone because of that matte finish the texture didn't sit well with me. I could feel it on my face all day long just sitting there. Overall a good SPF, but not my favorite. Currently I am using EltaMD SPF 46 under my makeup and like this better so far.

Skinceuticals Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50- Honestly, see above for the Coola review... It had the exact same texture and with this being tinted if I wore it alone all day I looked and felt so gross! I did like this for a while, but I can't handle the product just sitting on my face the way it does. I do like the ingredients of this one as well though and like that it's a physical block instead of using and chemical absorbers.

Covergirl Supersizer Mascara- I've talked about this one before too. I love this mascara and it is hands down my favorite drugstore mascara! I've already repurchased two of these bad boys!

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel- I've been doing my brows a lot more recently so I ran out of this quickly. I love the fine tip of this product, it makes doing little brow strokes very easy. I tried using another pencil when I ran out of this and it just wasn't the same! I repurchased this during Ulta's 21 days of beauty sale for $10 and am now realizing I should have gotten two!


Monday, April 24, 2017

5 minute makeup look

This look is perfect for those days when I want to have a little something on, but don't want to take the time to do it or if I just want a basic makeup look that I know I like. On week days I do this look before work so I can sleep in a few extra minutes. It's SO quick and I always end up looking put together!
I took this picture a while ago when I was originally going to do this post but it's the same routine only slightly updated with a new shade of foundation and a little change of blush!

1. Tarte Airbrush Powder Foundation: This makes my skin look SO flawless. It's my FAVORITE foundation for a quick look, I don't have to spend time blending it out or buffing it into the skin like I would a liquid foundation. It's easy, it looks great, and it doesn't make me feel gross halfway through the day. It's got great coverage and I love Tarte's ingredients. 

2. Tarte Blush in achiote. You can sweep on whatever blush you want but I love Tarte's amazonian clay blushes! I will either use this one or this Lorac blush in coral. Lorac blushes are SO pigmented and they last all day! This has a little shimmer in it so I don't NEED to highlight on top. 

3. This Marc Jacobs eyeshadow stick is one of their twinklepops and it makes putting on eye shadow SO quick and easy. The shade I use is This color is basic but always looks beautiful. I will put this on quickly over the entire lid and blend it in with my finger. It stays put all day and I forget I have on anything at all.

4. Brows! I use Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel to fill in those sparse areas.

5. Mascara: Any mascara will do! I use Covergirl Super Sizer mascara and love it. My favorite drugstore mascara!

6. Last step is lips! I LOVE this matte lip cream by theBalm Cosmetics this shade is Committed. You can use whatever lip you're feeling that day.

 You can even do a couple steps to this to give it more depth and add a little something extra. If you need to look awake you can always quickly use a little concealer underneath the eyes my favorite is Shape Tape by Tarte. I will also take a medium brown eye shadow (I use bella caffe by Milani) and windshield wiper that through my crease with a fluffy brush. Then, I'll take my Nars Laguna bronzer to add a little color to my face and a light contour. Only takes a minute and a half longer and DONE!

Did this look before work and timed it. With the extra steps it took a total of 6 minutes and 50 seconds! Super quick and simple. Here are a few car selfies to show how it came out because the lighting was much better natural than in my bathroom.

Yay for car selfies!

Let me know if you try this!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Top 3 Tarte Picks

Lately I have been loving Tarte! They have some of my favorite foundations as well as my new favorite product probably ever! I love the ingredients they use in their products, it makes me feel good about putting them on my face. Heads up...tarte.com is having a 30% off friends and family sale right now with code FESTIVAL don't miss it! I'm about to stock up on some favorites because 30% off is such a good deal!

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation- this is definitely one of my top foundations (I'll do a post on this soon!). I love that it has SPF 15 in it so I don't have to worry about wearing sunscreen underneath it. It covers well, it's not too heavy or cakey, and it lasts all day on my oily skin! 

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation- this one is a powder foundation and I wear this, no lie, EVERY DAY. It's so easy to put on and it looks flawless. This is another favorite because it's convenient and simple, looks great, and lasts (for the most part). The only problem I have with this is that it breaks up around my nose area (which most foundations do) after about 4 hours or so.

3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer- Y A L L this is my absolute favorite concealer in the entire world. If I put this on in the morning, not only does it look FLAWLESS with ZERO creasing, it still looks perfect come 7 o'clock in the evening when I get home. Let me let you in on what I do in a typical day... I go to work around 10:30 and am around lasers and other heated machines all day, once I leave work around 4/4:30, I head to the gym for about an hour and a half. After leaving the gym it still looks as good as it did that morning when I put it on. I'm telling you this stuff is magic, and like I said earlier I have oily skin so most products slide right off of me. It took me forever to get ahold of this because it was sold out for months. I finally found my shade in Oklahoma at Ulta and was SO excited! I'm telling you, you need this.  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A few tidbits

Warning this post is all over the place but I wanted to share a few thoughts!

I went through a phase before I started school where everything I used on my face HAD to be natural and organic. I could feel myself getting crunchier by the minute, not that that was a bad thing but it led to a lot of learning and exploration for me! 
I had to find a balance because I could feel myself starting to question everything I knew about skincare. I questioned everything my dermatologist told me. Of course different things work for different people and I am a strong believer that no one person has the same type of skin. Of course you can have oily skin and so can I but what works for you may not work for me. I've learned so much through my own research as well as education from school.
Here are a few things about natural and synthetic "chemicals"  (and other tidbits) I've  learned through my experience and education...

1. SO IMPORTANT...What works for some doesn't work for others. I have seen people talk about how bad chemical peels are for you if used over time, but yet I have seen results of people using them with no long term damage and beautiful skin! Chemical peels can be a great option for a while to help the skin's texture, pigmentation issues, and acne issues. Obviously if they're not working for you, don't continue to do them and do NOT DIY chemical peels!

2. Not all synthetic or "chemical" ingredients are harmful! There are SO many synthetic ingredients out there that are effective at clearing and healing your skin as well as being nontoxic! Also, not all natural ingredients are good for you! There can be many toxic ingredients that are in fact natural. I had to learn for my own about each single ingredient used in products, what it did, what it was used for, and what the risks were. 
For example retin-a and retinols if used properly can yield amazing results. Key here is if used properly, and many people do not.

3. My whole take on skincare has become all about a balance between getting the most effective results while still being nontoxic. I still don't like the idea of putting toxic HARSH chemicals on my face because it does more harm than good. I exhausted every harsh option with no results.
 But that doesn't mean because it's not all natural it's toxic. 
I use organic skincare (mostly eminence and what I make) because it's what works for me. But I also love getting microdermabrasion, and chemical peels now and then. 

Like I said, I use organic skincare because it's what I've found works for me and I have seen results with what I've been using. I LOVE effective natural skincare but I also love effective not all natural skincare (as long as it's nontoxic) just make sure to educate yourself on the ingredients that are in the products you're using. 
Many drugstore skincare brands don't have many active ingredients in them at all.
Another side note: if something is effective and can be toxic to your body YOU have to weigh the risks and benefits for yourself. For example accutane. It can be super toxic to your body but it's up to you if the benefit outweighs the risk. I personally would choose a different option but both my brother and sister used accutane. They had some aches and pains but they both have beautiful skin. 

4. Don't trust someone just because they write a blog post on something, trust thorough research and evidence. I have to see physical evidence before I believe everything I read.. I was falling into the trap of believing everything people were saying on social media and posts that were not reliable sources. 

5. I'm learning more and more every day! I love learning about new things, new products, new ingredients, and ways to make others look and feel their best. Continuing education will be my best friend.

6. If you're having problems with your skin, find a professional. I went straight to a dermatologist when I started this journey and I wish I would have seen an esthetician first, had someone get to know and care about my skin the way I do and work with me! 
Beware though, a lot of "professionals" don't know what they're doing! Make sure to find someone passionate about skin and helping you as much as you are! They're out there! 

7. Love the skin you're in. No matter what. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Shopping in Tulsa

We had a fantastic long weekend visiting my sister in Tulsa. We went to SO many good coffee shops (my FAVORITE) and ate a lot of delicious food! We went to a little cajun restaurant that was truly cajun as the owner is from Lafayette and oh my gosh GOOD.

Here's what I wore for our day shopping around and getting coffee!

 Casual and very comfortable (of course). I love love wearing leggings and dressing them up or down. 
I didn't have a ton of color, I wear a lot of black, white, and gray. I added a pop of turquoise (my favorite color) with my Kendra Scott necklace and I love it in this color!
Another thing I want to mention is these shoes. They have memory foam in them it's like walking on clouds and they go with EVERYTHING.

How cute is this Kate Spade purse?!

Shop the look:

Jacket (Mine is slightly darker)
Couldn't find the exact purse but I love this!