Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Empties

MOSS Vert Pur: This oil cleanser is amazingly aromatherapeutic perfect to rub in for a few minutes to give the skin some TLC. I love the way this feels, smells, and works! My favorite way to use this was before bed, and wipe off with a warm wash cloth; it was quite relaxing. This removed all of my makeup and didn't irritate my eyes. There's a good bit of essential oils in this product, so if your eyes are sensitive, I would be aware of that and use with caution around the eye area. I absolutely love this cleansing oil. The ONLY reason I haven't repurchased this item is because I make one VERY similar. Of course our formulas are going to vary a little, and I use different essential oils, so the aromatherapeutic experience is completely different, but mine is lovely as well so for now I can do without.

MOSS Clear Resolution: P E R F E C T for balancing out my crazy oily skin. If you have oily/acne prone skin you NEED this in your life. I used every last drop of this and loved every bit! This is so lightweight and sinks in quickly. The smell is so mesmerizing. This oil includes hemp seed oil, which is a light oil great for oily skin, as well as guava seed oil which is FULL of vitamin C, SO good for balancing out the skin. Lots of beautiful anti-inflammatory ingredients in here. My skin is much more balanced now thanks to this baby. I haven't yet repurchased because of that reason, but I have purchased another oil that's a little more moisturizing. I'm not needing this anymore, but if I were to need it again I would repurchase in a heartbeat!
(That was written a couple weeks ago when I ran out... my skin is needing it again and I WILL repurchase!)

MOSS Equilibrium: like every other moss product, I loved this one as well. This was beautiful under makeup (I reviewed this here). It was so great for exfoliation and I used up the last bit I had when the milia under my neck was the worst. I loved using this for a gentle daytime or night time exfoliation. It had a great texture and such a beautiful scent. Unfortunately this product is discontinued so I am extra sad that this bottle is empty!

Earthwise Beauty Carrot-a-day (sample size): I was so excited to receive a sample of this serum. I popped it in the fridge as soon as I got it and tried it out the next morning. The texture of this serum is SO amazing. It may be my favorite product texture so far. It sinks in quickly and my skin just drinks this stuff up. I love that I can use it under the eyes as well, it's pretty much a one and done serum making my morning skincare routine so minimal. If my skin needs it I can use something more moisturizing afterward, but I like the feel of this on my skin throughout the day. It's not too oily and not too dry for me. I also love using this before applying makeup. I can see myself buying the full size once I have a little extra cash (currently saving EVERY PENNY to pay for school!) Another way I used this was on my eye/eyebrow area after an eyebrow wax. I found that area was burning a little more than usual so I used this on them straight out of the fridge and it instantly took away that burning/stinging feeling. Love this serum! Ava also sells a sensitive skin version that I have yet to try, same thing just less essential oils so less irritation if your skin is extra sensitive!

Earthwise Beauty Frightening Green (sample size): Love this and will absolutely purchase it. If you want to know exactly how I feel about this and why I'm in love with it stay tuned for my post coming up which will be ALL about masking! Definitely one of my absolute favorite masks for sure and will buy the full size!

Earthwise Beauty Catharsis: First of all, I got SO many uses out of this sample. I am thankful for that, because I felt like I could really get a feel for how it worked for me and how I like to use it best. I either like this in the morning as a cleanser or if it's been a day where I haven't worn any makeup I will use it at night and leave it on in the shower. You mix a little of this with some water and then apply as a cleanser or you can leave it on for about 10 mins as a mask. I love me a good multi-tasker. Smells like green tea which is lovely, and overall really like this product. Gentle yet effective.

Earthwise Beauty Ambrosia del Cerrado (sample size): I have reviewed this product here. This is SO perfect for summer and I have the full size. I love using this in the morning and will probably continue to use it during the seasonal transition, but won't use it in the winter as my skin will need a lot more moisture. Overall BEAUTIFUL and innovative product!

ISUN Phyto-Cleanse II: I did a full review in my "week of:ISUN" post here, but I definitely love this lightly emulsifying cleanser. It if perfect for morning use. I like using it after I work out to get all of the sweat and dirt out of my pores. My skin is cleansed yet not stripped and I love the way my skin feels after using this! Will purchase the full size as soon as I can!

ISUN Clarifying Toner: See details in ISUN post.

Jason Lavender Body Wash: I really liked how this product smelled and it worked perfectly fine for me. I love almost anything lavender and this didn't disappoint. I also love how the bottle is SO big making it long lasting and the price was GREAT. I purchased this from Vitacost and already have another bottle!

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream: I liked this moisturizer although I think I prefer the blemish balm over this one. It is very lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly. I would purchase the travel size to get a better feel for this moisturizer as it was just the sample size!

Degree spray deodorant: Let's be honest here, I sweat a lot and I NEED something that's going to work for me. This stuff WORKS. I was a little hesitant at first to try a spray deodorant thinking maybe it was just a marketing ploy, but this works wonders for me. Smells nice and keeps the sweat at bay. As you all know, I have a growing love for green beauty and I want to try something that's a little more on the natural side, but I need something that's going to keep me dry, not just slightly mask the scent. A lot of the reviews that I've seen of the more natural deodorants say that they can't really compare, so for now I'm sticking with what I know and what I know WORKS. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know!!

Acure Organics Argan Oil: This was a pretty decent argan oil. Not the best I've ever tried but I did like it and it was a good price. I have a love hate with argan oil and still haven't decided how I like it. Honestly, I think it depends on what my skin is like and what it is needing at that point. When it needs more moisture my skin will soak it right up and LOVES it. When it doesn't need it I cannot use it or it gets feisty with me...

Grapefruit Seed Oil: I use this oil in my oil cleanser and I love it. I didn't like that this was such a small bottle and will be purchasing a bigger one. Maybe not this same brand, but I do like including it in my skincare products!

Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oil is one of my absolute favorite oils. I will either use this in my skincare products or on its own. It is a beautiful multi-tasker that I can use to take my makeup off and cleanse the skin or it is great to use as a sensitive skin moisturizer. It is non-comedogenic and perfect for sensitive fussy skin.

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil: I have been using this for SO long. I love tea tree oil. I use this on just about everything. I use this as a spot treatment. I have a bump on my scalp (gross) and I've been using tea tree on it for about a month and it has shrunken SO much already. I have already repurchased this and love it!

The Body Shop Body Butter: This was nice and moisturizing, but I have been on the search for a new more moisturizing butter especially for the seasonal change ahead. I have tried and liked a few, which I will share later!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper: Hands down my favorite eyeliner. This has the perfect tip providing the perfect size line and the perfect color. This makes it easy to get a good wing or just a thin line, whatever your style may be. I have already purchased another! Also a plus that Kat Von D makeup is vegan and cruelty free!


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