Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week of: ISUN

I am starting a new "week of" series which will feature different brands and I will use ONLY their products (with the exception of my oil cleanser if I am not given or have a cleanser from that particular brand) for one to two weeks to test effectiveness and synergy of the brand. I want to see how each brand and product works for me before I start rotating it into my routine. My skin has been so crazy lately and I haven't quite figured out why. I know what my skin likes and I ALWAYS check the ingredient list first before using something. I think I was using too many new things at once and different routines every day making it hard to pinpoint what my skin didn't like. It may not have necessarily been a specific product, but something I was using together that my skin didn't agree with.
Anyway I am so excited about this! First brand up is ISUN. I have seen their products all over Instagram and I was SO excited to get some samples of their products to try out. 
I received samples of Phyto-Cleanse II, Rhassoul exfoliant, clarifying toning most, and clarifying serum.

First of all, I love this cleanser SO much. I love that it makes my skin feel clean without feeling stripped. This cleanser is perfect if I'm not wanting to use an oil cleanser or if you're not into oil cleansing. It has the perfect texture. It is full of beautiful ingredients such as aloe gel, calendula, glycerin, lavender, sage, etc. This formula helps to remove bacteria and to soothe the skin. I also loved mixing the exfoliant in with this cleanser when I needed a deep exfoliation. The exfoliator is beautiful and I prefer to mix it with the cleanser. The toning mist felt nice but I'm not sure that this is a necessity for me. I like the ingredient list of this toner which includes aloe, EOs, willow bark extract, beta glucan, helichrysum exctract, hyaluronic acid. Great for giving hydration to the skin, and eliminating bacteria. My skin soaked this right up. I also LOVE the clarifying serum. The texture is light and sinks in SO quickly. This is a water based serum which is why it feels so light and quickly is absorbed into the skin. This products includes niamicide which is great for oily skin as it is restorative, clarifying, and brightening. This also includes willow bark extract (natural form of salicylic acid), and many potent essential oils. It felt great on and smelled amazing. I did find that my skin was craving more moisture after using this and I got oily throughout the day. It is said in the description that this is supposed to help control oil and I did have a lot of excess oil during the day although that's not really something new. I will mix this in with my routine but definitely pair it off with a good moisturizer. It is a great serum for daytime! 
Overall my favorite product is probably the Phyto Cleanse II. Love this product and will be rotating it into my routine as well as the exfoliant!

Have you tried ISUN?

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