Sunday, July 3, 2016

Soaking Up Every Moment

I haven't had much time to blog lately with school work and spending time with my guy. I am trying to squeeze in time to write and get into a new routine.
The time has come and my man has moved to his new home in Austin for good and I am soaking up every single sweet moment I get with him. He moved last week and this week has been pretty hard to adjust. When it came time to workout and do things that we normally do together I had to suck it up and do it on my own... I can absolutely say that life is more fun with him in it. He makes mediocre tasks and chores something that I look forward to. I know everything is new for him right now and that he's having a lot of fun where he's at. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished and that he has gotten into a fantastic school. I couldn't be happier for him (unless I was there with him)!

Here's what we did leading up to his move, moving in, and now...
We went to New Orleans the weekend before he left and stopped in Sucre which smelled of sugar and happiness. I got a delicious vanilla cold brew and some yummy macaroons (strawberry, chicory, and blackberry lemon).
We had a quick Starbucks date on my lunch break, because I needed every second with him even if it was only 20-30 mins!
When we moved him in we came to visit the school! Isn't it so nice??
First meal in the new apartment thanks to his momma! :) 
We found the cutest little place to get organic fair trade desserts called Fat Cats. They had coffee, ice cream (vegan and non-vegan), donuts, cookies, anything sweet! Everything was so delicious, will definitely be going back to this place!
I'm loving Austin and can't wait to visit more often and explore the things that they have to offer there! We are definitely foodies and we LOVE our coffee and they have sooo many options! Compared to the 2-3 local coffee shops we have here in BR and the 4 restaurants we rotate through every weekend, there's a whole list in Austin of cute local coffee shops and delish restaurants... Everything we've tried there so far has been top notch and I'm excited to see all they have to offer.

Thanking the Lord that this weekend is a long weekend so I got time to come up and see him! We met in Houston and are having a great weekend together.
We spent the day shopping for him some business casual clothes and shoes so he can look fancy for all of his upcoming events. We stopped and got some coffee and dessert (duh).

 We got lemon blueberry cupcakes and cupcake lattes which is basically a latte made with vanilla icing as the sweetener/cream and milk (YES PLEASE).

Not looking forward to leaving him again, but I know it won't be like this forever. I know he will have a great but challenging time and all we can do is soak up the moments we get, have faith, and PRAY.

Have a great safe 4th everyone!

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