Friday, June 10, 2016

Roccoco Serums Review

I recently placed my first Aqne Pharmacy order including the Roccoco Decongesting Porefection Serum and received a sample of the Clarifying C Serum as well.

As soon as I got my order I tried out the Clarifying C serum and immediately loved how it made my skin feel. I really like how this serum feels, it quickly sinks into the skin and I follow this with a moisturizer (either a balm or one of my moisturizers). Love the combo! This serum is light and leaves a matte finish to the skin. It has a pretty neutral smell, nothing overpowering. I used this anytime I felt my skin was feeling congested, if I saw any little blackheads or small blemishes. I've already used up my sample, I got about 6 uses out of it. Putting this on my list for sure! 

The Decongesting Porefection Serum is a product that I feel is such a God sent. There was a major gap missing in my skincare regimen that this serum filled. When I wash my face and moisturize I do it in the morning when I wake up and when/if I decide to put makeup on,  I don't do it and get ready to leave the house for another few hours, especially on the weekends. Or if I run errands I don't usually get fully ready I just throw something on so if I go to dinner or somewhere that evening I like to put a little more makeup on. Typically I like to workout, come home and do my skincare routine, eat breakfast and drink my coffee and chill/run errands before I get ready to do anything else. When it comes time to get ready, my skin doesn't have that fresh face feeling anymore. I didn't have anything to use to refresh my skin before putting on makeup, I didn't want to rewash and dry my skin out, and I didn't want things to be too greasy either. This is where this serum comes in handy. I use this right before applying my makeup and it creates the perfect canvas to paint on.
Overall, I LOVE the texture of this serum, and I love that it leaves a beautiful matte finish to the skin, BUT the scent is not my favorite. It was definitely something I had to get used to. The first time I used it I was like "this is weird...ehhhhh." I still don't like the smell, it's pretty rough, but the product is so good that I look past the smell and it's totally worth it.

I'm really liking the Roccoco products so far! If you have any recommendations let me know what to try next!


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