Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Moss & Aqne Products Review

When MOSS products go on sale, which is RARE, I HAVE to make an order. There was a Memorial Day sale and I had to snatch up these two beauties. These are two I had never tried before so I felt this was a great time for a review. Not long before the sale I placed my first Aqne Pharmacy order as well. I've already reviewed a couple products from my order but didn't do a review on all of them so I threw the rest of those in this post to review as well!

I broke the top to my Ambrosia Del Cerrado :(
(L to R)
MOSS Purist- This oil has a great texture, it feels very "creamy" (as creamy as an oil can feel) and luxurious. My skin drinks this stuff up. Clear Res is so good at balancing my skin out, but this is what I use when my skin needs MORE. It is more moisturizing, not as light and dry. It doesn't contain any hemp seed oil, which is a dry oil included in Clear Res. Purist doesn't have a strong essential oil scent, it's more of a neutral clean scent, it smells more of the carrier oils. I am finding myself loving the smell more and more. I love using this oil at night, especially if my skin has had a rough day after all the sun and sunscreen. This will probably be an oil I will be drawn to more in the winter months, but I am still using it for night time now as my skin has been dried out from all the chlorine. Overall I think this is a lovely oil, very anti-inflammatory, so good for healing acne, and great for oily skin. Yes please and thank you!

MOSS Clean Canvas- This oil is made for sensitive skin and only has 5 ingredients. I make a product very similar to this (give and take a few ingredients) and I love the one I make, so I decided to go for it and try this one. As expected, I love it. There are no essential oils in this one because it is made for the most sensitive of skin types. It has a beautiful earthy scent. I had to get used to this smell, but once I did I really began to love it. I love the way this feels on the skin and I can use this morning or night depending on how my skin is feeling that day. There are few ingredients in this oil, but it still packs a punch. So many good things in here. I love black bacuri butter from Brazil which is SO good for healing the skin. Camellia oil (tea seed oil) is very anti-inflammatory, sinks into the skin quickly, and is quite hydrating. This also includes tamanu oil which I believe has been one of the oils that has helped my skin SO much. It does such a stand up job of healing acne and scars. Needless to say, clean canvas is a winner.

EarthWiseBeauty Ambrosia Del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer- This has the feeling of a toner moisturizer hybrid. I love using this on a hot day after I work out or in the morning if I need a pick me up. I've found myself applying this mostly in the morning to help wake me up, I keep it in the fridge so it's cool and refreshing on the skin. I REALLY like this moisturizer. It's so light and breathable and perfect for summer. It sinks in to the skin quickly. The smell is bright with a light fruity/citrus scent. With aloe, pequi fruit oil, and buriti oil, it is anti-aging, and great for oily/acne prone skin. My skin LOVES this stuff. I will use this by itself or follow with another moisturizer if I feel my skin needs it. It works beautifully either way. Next on my list is the Moroccan Garden Eye Cream!

Roccoco Decongesting Porefection- such a great lightweight serum! I won't say a whole lot about this because I've already done a full review on it. If you want to check that out click here.

Zatik Argan and Yarrow Suncreen Moisturizer- This is a great sunscreen moisturizer at a great price. I love the way it sinks in and doesn't leave a white cast. I've also done a full review on this in my battle of the sunscreen post. Check that out here.

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