Sunday, May 8, 2016

End of finals and Mother's Day weekend

Had the perfect ending to finals week with lemon lavender cake and coffee from my favorite cafe in BR, Magpie.
My mom and I talked for hours and caught up after finals and it was lovely :) We were planning on having a girly weekend filled will flowers, dresses, coffee, and shopping. Unfortunately, Saturday morning while doing burpee with box jumps on some bricks (genius, right?) I hit my shins and it was not pretty. I'll spare you the picture I took, it's pretty gory. Because of that I can't walk around too much and we didn't get the weekend we planned. Out of that list the only one we accomplished was the coffee of course (a LITTLE shopping too). 
I thought these little wood chip coasters were such a cute idea; we saw this in a coffee shop out in Denham Springs.
Even though the weekend didn't turn out as expected, we made the best of it. 

Shoutout to my amazing momma who took care of me on her day because I'm hurt. We got her an essential oil diffuser and some oils to go with it, which she loves!
I am so blessed to have the relationship with her that I do and I am thankful for everything she does for me, like making me breakfast on Mother's Day when I should have been making hers.
Sending love to all the mothers out there today, you are so appreciated! 

Happy Mother's Day!

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