Friday, May 20, 2016

Back Goals

I love love love working back. Back day is probably my favorite day in the gym. I'd say we work back at least once a week. I remember a few months ago looking through Pinterest fitness posts of girls with nice backs and I knew I wanted mine to look like that. I showed my boyfriend and said this is what I want my back to look like, I set goals in my mind and went for it.

How did I achieve my back goals? 
(Of course I am continually working on getting better but I finally have some results that I love.) Remember those pull ups I was working on that I mentioned in my last fitness post? Yep, lots of pull ups. Once I got to a good place there, I started adding weight. We usually do, like I said, plenty of pull ups, single arm rows, T bar rows, bent over rows (whether with dumbbells or cable), seated rows, ALL KINDS OF ROWS haha and lat pull downs. Sometimes we do back extensions with a plate, we like to mix it up. When we don't have our usual machines we improvise. When we're doing back my trainer boyfriend always tells me to think about the muscles you're targeting. For example, when doing pull ups it works so many different muscle groups (arms, shoulders, chest, back, core) so think about pulling with your back rather than your arms. I tend to pull with my biceps most so I really have to think about targeting my back. This goes for any back exercise, that should be your focus, pulling with your back and really getting that good squeeze.
Lat pulldowns if doing heavy weight try for 8 reps if doing lighter go for 12 reps. This position is when you should be squeezing with your back.
Pull ups. If you can't do pull ups, work your way up. Start with doing them assisted and as you get more comfortable do them with less weight on the machine. Once you get normal pull ups and that feels too easy ADD weight!
Mid rows. Like I said earlier, you can do many forms of rows, use what you have!

Set goals for yourself and get out there and work for them!

With love,

... Show off ;)

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