Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 Tips to Find Your Fitness Motivation

It's January and almost everyone gets a little kick of motivation and has a fitness goal/resolution that they make for the upcoming year. I also know that after a little while that motivation starts to fizzle out. I know that feeling all too well. Now, I will say that I love to workout and it's always been something that I've kept pretty routine. Working out is one of my favorite things to do and it's one of the best ways for my boyfriend and I to bond, but there have definitely been times where I wasn't motivated at all. If you find yourself in that position, unmotivated and just wanting to sit on the couch, or giving yourself every excuse in the book, I've found a few things that help pull me out of that state.

1. Do it early.  This is the ONE tip that I just can't follow through with and that's because first of all I'm not a morning person, but mainly because I have to be at work at 7:30, so waking up at 6:15 is already a stretch for me. I'm giving this tip though, because I wish so badly that I could do it this way. I would love to wake up and get a good workout in to start my day, because I know that feeling that comes after a long day where you just want to shower and snuggle up in your pjs and watch Netflix. Seriously if you have the option, do it early.

2. Go with the guys. It's always easier to workout with a partner whether it's a guy or your best girlfriend. Honestly, none of my girlfriends have ever wanted to workout with me. I think there were very few times that I did work out with a girlfriend, and although they are fun to workout with, they're not always the most motivating. As girls we tend to talk ourselves out of working out for whatever reason, and sometimes we can end up doing that to each other. The goal is of course to motivate each other, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect. I know that isn't the case for a lot of you and you may already have someone to workout with, which is great, so keep it up! But if this is happening to you, find a group of guys to work out with! That's what I did. Last spring I started working out with my 2 best guy friends and my brother (and my sister occasionally). I have never once been talked out of working out by one of them... Just the opposite actually, sometimes I HAVE to skip out because they are SO motivated and I can't hang. They never complain about it and they challenge you! Of course I will in no way be doing the weight they're doing and sometimes may modify (I don't want to look like a guy of course), but that's okay, as long as you're there doing something! Also, it doesn't hurt that bae looks extra fine while working out ;)

3. Get new gear. There's nothing like a new pair of tennis shoes and some lululemon workout clothes to get you motivated. If you don't know what lulu is, there's no way you won't be motivated after discovering it, but it does a great job of break a college students bank so any new gear will do the trick.

4. Do something new. Changing your routine is crucial if you're going to stay motivated. Coming from someone who loves to run, I swear if I ran every day for a month or so I would never run again in my life. Even doing the same sort of routine weekly, for example, certain arm workouts one day, certain leg workouts the next, back the next, and so on... that's still boring if you do it week in and week out. Be spontaneous and do something new and different. Try yoga, or a routine on the track, or do weights if you don't normally do weights, anything just change it up and surprise your body!

5. Set attainable goals. This one can be whatever you want it to be. My goal this year is doing 10 pull ups in a row. So far, I've gotten to 7. If I would have said this a few months ago I would have laughed so hard, because I couldn't even think about doing half a pull up. Let's be real, I couldn't even hang on the bar without hurting, but I've worked my way up to 7 and its so exciting tracking my progress! So, whether it's running a certain distance, doing a certain number of pull ups or push ups, whatever it may be, set a goal and watch how you progress.

I hope this helps and that everyone sticks to their goals this year! 


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