Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Wind Down

It's Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end... I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend! For me, this weekend was very relaxing, and we didn't really do much around here. I'm glad it was a chill weekend, because tomorrow I start working again for the semester! I'll miss being able to do whatever I want basically all day, but I definitely missed working and got a LITTLE bored without anything to do. At least I still get another week to sleep in before school starts (AH!). Here's what went on this weekend...
Weekly date with my mom and sister at our favorite cafe in BR, Magpie Cafe! They have, hands down, the best coffee in town, and amazing pastries. We look forward to this all week!
Trolli gummy eggs are seriously SO addicting, and they just so happen to go perfectly with popcorn, so that's what I ate Friday night to accompany my Netflix binge watching Scrubs...
My setup to get ready for church Sunday morning... I'm probably going to take this mirror back to my apartment with me and put it on top of my new makeup storage in my room! I think it's really cute! And of course, my morning coffee in my Cinderella mug. I was going to do a quick OOTD after church, because I ended up really liking what I wore. When we left it was sprinkling so we made a run for it and on our way to the car it started to pour.. Just to paint the picture a little better... I was running in wedges (almost fell twice) and had a white shirt on that was starting to get soaked...roughhh, so the OOTD didn't quite work out. Maybe next time.

What'd you do this weekend?


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