Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dermatologists Orders!

Skincare Update! This post may be a little all over the place, but I have a lot to talk about so just bear with me! As you know if you've read my last post, I recently visited my dermatologist and an aesthetician for my acne. Before I went to see her, I was doing an all natural skincare, which I liked, but I think at this point with all of this acne, I needed something a little stronger. I read a few blogs, researched a little bit and found a few things that worked for people with similar skin type and problems as me, so I went out and bought a few of those products. They weren't too expensive, so if I didn't like it, it wasn't a huge deal. This routine has worked for others with my skin type, but I didn't see major results just yet. I could have given it a little more time but more on that in a second. This is what I was doing...I take my makeup off with coconut oil, or the body shop chamomile cleansing butter, both of which I love, then I WAS using my Treskin RX cleanser ( still love it), toning with Thayers Cucumber Witchhazel toner, and moisturizing with either my Treskin RX moisturizer during the day or grapeseed oil at night. If I was breaking out bad I would use tea tree oil. I recently bought the toner, and grapeseed oil so I didn't really have enough time to decide if I liked the routine as a whole or not, but I made this appointment way ahead of time, so whatever. Throughout the day if my face needed refreshing, I would use the body shop vitamin E spray or a little more toner. (When doing this routine it didn't feel like much, but now that I'm listing all the products it sounds like a lot!) If I felt I was having a huge major breakout, I would use some of the Mario Badescu drying products (drying lotion, or drying cream). These are good products that I like, they aren't all natural but thats not a huge deal, and I was desperate. This routine wasn't clearing up my acne, but don't think it was causing the breakouts. I like this routine and may go back to it once the acne is taken care of (plus or minus a few things), because I think the problem is deeper than just what I put on my skin. I will see if I like this new routine the doctor gave me and may or may not go back to this routine (plus prescription). I am going to just take it step by step. I still LOVE my Treskin RX and it pains me to stop using it for a little while, but I am listening to what the dermatologist told me to do because this acne NEEDS TO GO. Now after all of that, back to the dermatologist visit... First of all, I absolutely love this dermatologist and would definitely recommend her! When I saw her she told me, like all the others, that my acne is hormonal, which I knew already. What she gave me is different than any of the others I've seen. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, retin-a, and many other topical products that just dried me out while the acne remained. I know about some other options such as accutane and birth control, but I really didn't want to put my body through all of that and wanted to keep it as natural as possible, while still getting the job done. I told her all of this and she completely understood so, she prescribed something different... She gave me a prescription pill of spironolactone to take once a day for 3 months, and a lotion to use in the morning which is supposed to be moisturizing as well, not just dry out my skin. She also gave me of a gentle foaming face wash to use with the lotion morning and night. After my appointment with her she sent me to the aestheticians upstairs and I got a salicylic acid peel (we'll see how that worked out within the week) and extractions. I know that this is harsh on the skin, but I feel like I really needed all of that junk pulled out. If my skin responds well, I will start to schedule this once a month. I am supposed to wait 4-6 weeks to see results and then see the dermatologist again, so in about 4 weeks I will update you all again!
 I hope you like me posting about my skincare. I really wanted to share this experience with ya'll and my feelings on the new things I am trying to find out what really works and what doesn't. It's something that is so important to me, and I like reading what worked for other people with my skin type. I know it's hard to find something that works, so hopefully what I'm going through will help someone with similar skin problems in the future!

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