Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Additions

Today I'm going to share a beauty haul and show you all of the things that I have purchased recently that I just got in the mail! In one of my more recent posts I said that I ordered a few things from Ulta. I also ordered a few things from The Body Shop (40% off sale woo!) and got a new contour brush from makeup geek.
These were a few things that I got in the free 16 piece set from Ulta for spending over I think $60? Anyway, it came with some great samples! I've tried a few, including this mascara and so far I'm liking it! 

From Ulta:
 1.Benefit Hoola Bronzer (so far I like it to contour with).
2. Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium which now I am thinking I might should have ordered the darker one, but I'm still trying it out. 
3. Evian mist in a 2 pack of the travel size... love this stuff.
I also got the 16 piece set with a lot of deluxe size samples and also the cutest beach bag in the world (free for buying a benefit product) that says laughter is the best cosmetic. Love that! 

From makeup geek:
1. Rounded blush brush which I have been using to contour with the hoola bronzer and I really like it. It has shed a little bit, but I don't know if that's just initial shedding or what because the more I've used it, the less it's shed.

From the Body Shop:
1. Tea Tree Oil. If you've read my other skin care posts you know that I love tea tree oil, and that hasn't changed. I absolutely LOVE tea tree oil for bad breakouts, and this one is awesome because the top is a little dropper so you don't use too much product at one time. 
2. Vitamin E mist. I've heard a lot of good things about this and I am super excited to try it out.
3. Chamomile Cleansing Butter. I like using this to remove my makeup. I am almost out of my other one so since there was a 40% off sale I ordered another. I don't think I would buy this without it being on sale, because I wouldn't pay $16 for it although it is really good stuff. I got my first one on sale at Ulta and then got this one on sale as well so yeah...
4. Muslin Cleansing Cloth. You are supposed to use this along with the cleansing butter to remove your makeup and I never purchased it with my first one so since there was a sale I figured why not! I think this will be better than removing it with water alone. 

I have added a few things to my skincare routine after researching a little more and reading some other people's advice.  I picked up a few natural skincare items from GNC. I just wanted to mention these because I did just buy them also, but I will talk more in depth about them in my next skincare update which is coming very soon! 

What have you purchased recently?

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