Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why does vacation have to end?

I had such an amazing time at the beach this past week, and I was NOT ready to come home. I could have stayed for another week. Time flew by way too fast. I love staying on the beach all day and then going in to get cute and ready for dinner. At the beach I feel like I can get all dolled up or I can just throw on some mascara and be good to go, it doesn't really matter. The weather was absolutely perfect this week. We got plenty of sun and on the day we left it started to rain, so it seems we timed it perfectly.
Amazing weather and we saw plenty of boats pass.
I brought so much makeup I couldn't decide what to put on! (And Lily Pebbles in the background.)

We rented a pontoon our last full day there and it was a blast! We rode around and fawned over all the amazing beach houses, we stopped and hung out on the little islands out on the bay, and we also stopped to jump off whatever it is that holds up the bridge underneath it ( I have no good name for that.) Anyway, that was SO much fun, even though we had to climb up a skinny, slippery log to get up there. Here's a clip of my sister's friend Emily's jump for your entertainment... not so graceful..
Probably the highlight of my day right there haha love her!

Needless to say, I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow and start waking up early again. I've enjoyed sleeping in everyday for the past week. Vacation, you will be missed. Hopefully another isn't too far away!
That's all for now! I just got a ton of goodies from Ulta and I need to do a post on it! 
Have a good week!


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