Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty in Pink (lipstick that is)

Today I decided to do a post all about pink lipsticks. I have been loving pink lipstick lately and there are so many different varieties and shades out there so I am just posting the few that I own!
(it looks orange here I don't know why?- bad lighting)
NYX in "Chic Red"
It's not really a red like it says in the name. It's obviously a very bright creamy pink and I love this color on!
 MAC "Flat out Fabulous"
I love this color. It's a bright matte pink. I like to wear a little lip balm underneath it so it doesn't look dry. It's such a pretty color and I have been wearing it a ton lately. 
 Flower "Pink Flamingo"
This is also a matte shade and I like lip balm underneath it as well. This color is brighter than the MAC color and a little more summery to me.

 Getting into the lighter shades:
 This color is from the Sephora Cinderella collection that was released a few years ago. I'm pretty sure they don't have it anymore, but I know there are many similar colors out there and this one is more neutral pink.

The last one is also from the Cinderella collection. This one is a baby pink and it's super light. I like to wear this with a lipgloss just because I think it's a little light for me.

I wanted to show a side by side comparison, but I'm still new at this and haven't figured all that out yet. Any help? 
Anyways, spring break is now over for me so it's back to school work. 2 more weeks of class and then finals will be hitting! I can't believe we are almost done with this semester! I had a great spring break. I got to see family that I haven't seen in years, and went to a gorgeous wedding in New Orleans. I got some good family time in for Easter and I also went to the beach with my roommates. It was SO relaxing doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun. It was awesome getting to forget about everything for a little while. Today it was back to reality and back to work. Only a few more weeks!
Until next time!