Monday, March 17, 2014

Updated Skincare

I know I said I would keep you all updated on my skincare and how my skin was improving (if it was) and what I'm using. Lately I have noticed a DRASTIC difference in my skin. I've still been taking hormone balancing pills because most of my acne is hormonal. The pills take between 3-4 months to really work and I've only been on them for about 2 months so I don't know that the major difference is coming from them, yet. I've been taking 'Shatavari' pills from whole foods which is just a hormone balancing herb, and I also have hormone balancers in my daily multi. On my skin, I have been using tea tree oil and I absolutely LOVE it. I bought just straight tea tree oil from Trader Joe's and I mixed some with water in a spray bottle for a toner, or if I want more of a spot treatment I will mix it with my TreSkinRX aloe moisturizer. You do have to be careful using the oil because it can be drying if you use too much. Usually just a drop with a normal amount of moisturizer will do. The smell is awful, but it goes away rather quickly. I also have been using the Trader Joe's natural cleansing pads with tea tree oil and I love those as well (also mentioned in my february favorites). I usually use these if my skin needs refreshing after a workout or if I just feel really gross and oily, and I will also use it if I've worn a full face of make up that day because I feel that it really gets into my pores. When my cleanser doesn't get it all, these pads do the trick.
1. TreSkinRX cleanser
2. Like I said, I will mix this with water in a spray bottle and use after I cleanse, or I will add a drop to my moisturizer
3. The natural cleansing pads I will use to tone and/or take off my makeup
4. TreSkinRX moisturizer
As for an exfoliator, I really like the TreSkin RX one, but I ran out recently and I do plan on getting another.
I will continue to keep y'all updated on my skin improvements (which hopefully there will be) and in a couple of months I will hopefully be completely clear!
What products have been working for you?


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  1. Thank you for sharing your TreSkinRX products experience. I am glad you have noticed improvement. Btw, check the @TreSkinRX thru Leen fb or TreSkinRXLeen Twitter for great news!