Thursday, January 30, 2014

Try Before You Buy

All too often I find myself falling for pretty beauty product packaging, and I buy something that either I don't need or I don't like that has really drained my bank account. That has happened A LOT with skincare stuff until I finally bought something and learned to stick with it (TreSkin RX), which I did buy the two week trial before actually deciding to buy the full products, in case I hated it. Anyway, I do this so much with makeup as well, and a lot of it ends up going to waste, because sadly most of the time I don't get around to returning or exchanging. What I've been doing lately, and what I would suggest if you fall into the "ohhhh prreetttyyyy" trap too, is buying mini sizes or "travel sizes" of products to see if I like it before I go to buy the full sized. Usually I find mini sizes at Ulta or Sephora when I'm checking out. They have tons of items lined across the checkout line, which I initially thought was just luring me in to buy more (this is actually how it started), and it probably is the main purpose, but it's pretty genius because now I can try the smaller size for wayyyy cheaper than buying something for full price that I will not use again. I've tried this with several products, for example the Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream I picked up from Ulta, and the Anastasia Brow pencil I picked up at Sephora, both of which so far I like a lot! So far so good! I know that at both places sometimes they will give you samples so you can try it out, but sometimes sampling a product once or twice just isn't enough to know if you'll like it, or if it will work for your skin type and for me it doesn't give me enough time to have a solid review on it. I will continue to look for travel sizes of things that I want to try or things that catch my eye to save me some money!

Have you found any products that you love and would suggest I try? (In travel size of course ;))


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  1. So glad you bought and tried a TreSkinRX two week trial kit, loved it, and stuck with it. Thank you! TreSkinRX thru Leen's Team