Friday, January 10, 2014

Shop til I drop

Every year my family and I do a fast with our church to start off the year right. This years 21 day fast is going to be quite a challenge for me. I have decided to give up shopping... Yes, for a whole 21 days. We start January 13th which is coming faster than I'd like. So this weekend if I have to guess will be filled with shopping so I can get it all out of my system. Hopefully I don't blow all of my Christmas money, but I can't make any promises. I really want to go to MAC and update some of my makeup, which is funny because thats almost all I got for Christmas was makeup, but hey you can never have too much, right? In all honesty, I don't have that many mac makeup products. Not as many as I'd like anyway. I got a few mac products for Christmas, including a mascara and the holiday brush set (which I LOVE) but the only thing I've ever bought there was foundation. I love going in there and trying on lipstick colors, but I've never actually raked out the money to splurge on some things that I'd like in there. That is definitely on the list for this weekend.

This year I have a few "resolutions" you could say...
1. I want to be smarter with my money. Almost every month I set aside "play" money which is probably more than I should put aside for just playing around and shopping and doing whatever with it. Hopefully this fast will teach me that I don't need to shop ALL the time, but most of all that when I do go shopping I don't always have to buy. Shopping is very therapeutic for me, and after a long week of school and work, shopping is FUN and clears my head. Theres nothing wrong with shopping itself, but I need to learn how to say no to myself, and to things I don't NEED.

2. I want to make time to post things beauty related, and more tutorials and such. I know this is supposed to be a beauty blog which is what I created  it for, but I always post outfit posts, which I love because I'm all about fashion too, but I never ever have time to just do makeup and post about it! I want this blog to help me be creative with my makeup and to help me learn and grow in the things I love.

3. I want to spend more time with Jesus. This whole break, although relaxing, has been pretty busy. We're always running the roads and we go from one thing to the next. I really need that time to just sit with God, and fill my spirit back up. It really makes a world of difference in my attitude, and the way I feel and look at the world. It's just the most amazing thing, spending time with Him, and I'm done with putting Him to the side.

So, those are the top 3 things I'd like to stick to this year. I'm EXPECTING this year to bring great things. I can feel some change coming on, but good change and I'm so very excited about this year. Bring it on 2014!
What are your new year resolutions?

After my last little shopping haul, I'll post some of the things I get and how I like them! That'll be a start to resolution number 2! :)


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