Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pictures and a Pop of Pink

Before I start writing about beauty stuff let me just say that IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS TIME! YAY! I love Christmas time, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. So in the spirit of Christmas, my family and I put our Christmas decorations up in our house yesterday and this is what our tree looks like this year...
Isn't it pretty? We were feeling very festive yesterday and it was the first time we've done the tree together in years!

Yesterday my siblings and I took pictures to give to my grandmother for her Christmas present and I think they came out really good! I'm going to share how I did my makeup for the pictures. We haven't gotten them back yet so I won't have much to compare my makeup to until we get them, but I know these tips work! 
I did a little bit of highlighting and contouring to brighten up and shape my face. The concealer I used to highlight looks great, but wears off easily and I DO NOT LIKE IT. Any concealer suggestions? Anyway... I also used a little more blush on my cheeks than I would normally use, because you can get away with that in pictures more than you can everyday. I stayed away from anything sparkly on my face. Also, you don't want to use a foundation with a lot of SPF in it when taking pictures, because it will reflect the light. 
I think I look creepy in the picture, but this is the only good shot I could get of my eyes. I stuck to using matte eyeshadow colors, and stayed away from a lot of sparkle and shimmer. I think matte looks a lot better in pictures. I also used a white eyeliner to line my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger.  I used a black liquid liner to line the top and bottom of my eyes. When I applied liner to the bottom I used a smudge brush so that it wouldn't look too harsh. I used a lot a lot of mascara to get big, full lashes. I think that's the best thing to do for pictures is to have full lashes. I don't like to wear false lashes, because I already have really long eyelashes, but if you don't I would suggest them for taking pictures! My favorite trick for pictures is to stamp the top waterline with my mascara wand. It sort of a step under tight lining and it looks amazing! 

On my lips I just used a nude color to look more natural.

I added this one just for fun. I call this my "model pic" haha, yeah right. 
We should have our pictures soon and I will post them so that y'all can see!

This was my outfit I wore to church today and I absolutely LOVE these heels (and this lipstick). 

I apologize for my puffy eyes in these pictures, this was after church and yes I cried in church today. It was a fantastic service. 

Lipstick: NYX in Chic Red (it's not red it's more of a holiday pink)
Top: Maurices
Over: Forever 21
Skirt: Michael Kors
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Dillards)

Hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday! Rest Rest Rest!


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