Thursday, October 10, 2013

NYC has my heart

There's something about The Big Apple that makes my heart smile! I've been twice and I just can't wait to go back! There is a slight chance that my family and I may go for Christmas time! Of course all the hotels around Times Square are booked, but that's okay as long as I'm close! Just thinking about New York City during Christmas time makes me giddy! Christmas is already my favorite time of year, so my favorite place at my favorite time of year would be perfect!  I went last Christmas on a mission trip to the Bowery Mission, and it was an experience I'll never forget. What they do there is incredible and I'm so glad that that's how I first experienced NYC. That trip to NYC stirred something inside of me. That was when my makeup obsession began and started to grow like crazy. I've always loved makeup, but something about being in the city made that dream open up in me. Oh, how I would love to do makeup for the runway! Major dreams! I want to start pursuing makeup more seriously, but as of right now it will have to wait until I finish my first degree! I feel so alive and I just love it. I can't exactly put my feelings into words, but I'm trying. One of my favorite things about being in NYC is getting to dress nice. Living in Louisiana, we never look nice on an ordinary day. Nike shorts and a t-shirt is the usual attire and it gets so boring. I love pulling out my 3-quarter length sweaters in the city and actually looking like a person. It is WAY too hot here in Louisiana to wear them whenever we want, so usually I just look like I just rolled out of bed. Seriously, if you just saw me around, you'd  never know I could do makeup. Anyway, I love NYC. The place has stolen my heart.
What a view...
Gives me chills!

I would also LOVE to go to London, and I know I will someday. Maybe there will be a blog post about how much I love it there too! :)

Where do you feel like you belong?


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  1. beautiful photos :)