Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Observations

Good morning blogging world! Why am I up so early you ask? Because I scheduled a 7:30 class which was definitely not a smart idea. Especially for me. because I love love love my sleep. Anyways, walking around campus going from class to class, I've noticed a few things about some peoples "style" I guess you could say, that just doesn't look right that I would like to address.

1. If you wear only foundation and nothing else (especially the wrong kind of foundation) IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOUR SKIN. You end up looking orangey and squinty eyed. When you put on a lot of foundation and have on nothing else, people CAN tell. It just looks odd and definitely stands out.

2. Now this one isn't about make up, but I'm going to address it anyway. I see girls all the time wearing shirts that are longer than their shorts. You look like you have no pants on. Either get a smaller shirt, or get longer shorts. (I was actually guilty of this yesterday, because I wore a shirt that was too big. Not on purpose! Whoooppsss)

3. When you wear leggings, please make sure they are the right kind. Athletic leggings with a comfy t-shirt, fine. But when it's leggings that are supposed to go under a dress that are slightly see-through and I can see your PINK underwear with the shiny words on them, NOT okay. Put on a dress or get the right leggings girl friend.

That's it for now.
It's almost Friday! Yay!


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