Monday, August 12, 2013

Trends I'm excited to try this fall

Hey y'all! I'm always always always looking at websites, blogs, magazines, etc. and lately I've been checking out some of the trends that are upcoming for fall. Here are a few things I'm super excited to try!

1. Slouchy Pants
Since it will be cooling down throughout the fall, pants will start to be worn again. These pants can go with so many things, and I like that they don't stick close to your body. In Louisiana the fall really isn't all that "cool". It's still very hot so these are a good option for a fall look, without the heat.

2. Metallic Eyeshadow
I know metallics aren't just for fall. but anyway... I've never worn a true metallic eyeshadow, so I'm really excited to try them this fall. I just bought a dark metallic color from Flower Cosmetics. It looks like such a pretty color. I will be posting a review on it after I use it! This color is "Awesome Blossom".

3. Navy & Burgundy
(Forever 21)

I like these colors separately and paired together; they're very fall appropriate. I'm loving these options from Forever 21!

4. High Waisted Pants
I absolutely LOVE high waisted shorts, so I'm really excited to try some high waisted pants! The high waisted pants really hold everything in and give the look of a small waist. They can be worn so many ways such as, to the office, a night out, or casual with a loose shirt! They come in all different colors and patterns, and I think they look good on most body types. (This is probably the fall trend I'm most excited to try!)

5. Military 

I've never really been into the military style, but it's starting to grow on me. I'm loving these camo pants with the strappy heels to make it look more girly. I also really like this military jacket with the big necklaces. This is a look I definitely want to try this fall!

Let me know what fall trends you want to try!


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