Friday, August 16, 2013

Flower Cream Eyeshadow: Awesome Blossom Review

 Yay, it's Friday! Today, unfortunately, I had to deal with my expired drivers license that was WAY overdue. I had to head over to the DMV to get it renewed. I hate dealing with the DMV, but it was a good excuse to try out some new makeup for new license picture! Today I tried my new cream eyeshadow from Flower Cosmetics, and I am loving this brand so far! I've tried a few of their products, and they don't feel or look cheap.

This color has a good bit of shimmer in it. It's a brownish color and I find it has a rosy feel to it. It feels amazing on, I can't even tell I have anything on my eyelids. It doesn't feel sticky on.

I did prime my eyelids before I used it, and it lasted all day without creasing. I found that this eyeshadow layered very easily so you can get the shade you want. I blended it out a little. This is such a gorgeous color, and I loved how it came out! I would definitely purchase this again, and will be purchasing other colors.

 The finished look!

 Hope you like it!
Let me know what Flower Cosmetics you like, and what your favorite cream eyeshadows are!

Happy Friday!


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