Monday, August 26, 2013


Today was my first day back at school and so far it's been a great day! I only have two classes on Mondays and I'm done by 10:30. Not too shabby. I know I haven't been posting lately, I've been super busy with school starting and working and all that good stuff. There are a lot of events going on at school this week, and our first LSU football game is this weekend! The best time of the year (besides Christmas). Hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly very soon!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flower Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color in Flamingo Flower Review

Hey everyone! Okay, I know I did a Flower review in my last post, but these are the two most recent things I've bought and figured I'd just do a review as I tried them. I promise my next review will be something different! Anyway, this is a matte finish lipstick.

 It has a very bright pink color. I'd say it's true to color. It claims to have a rich creamy application, but I don't find that it's super creamy.

It is not moisturizing AT ALL. It doesn't claim to be though. It sinks into the lines of my lips and can make them look very dry, so I used a lip balm before I put it on and I like it much better that way. Even with a lip balm, you can see that it does nothing for moisture. I'd recommend adding a lip gloss over it as well. I will continue to wear this with a lip balm underneath it, but I probably wouldn't repurchase or go for another color from this line.

Have you tried any of the Flower lipsticks?
Happy Hump Day!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Flower Cream Eyeshadow: Awesome Blossom Review

 Yay, it's Friday! Today, unfortunately, I had to deal with my expired drivers license that was WAY overdue. I had to head over to the DMV to get it renewed. I hate dealing with the DMV, but it was a good excuse to try out some new makeup for new license picture! Today I tried my new cream eyeshadow from Flower Cosmetics, and I am loving this brand so far! I've tried a few of their products, and they don't feel or look cheap.

This color has a good bit of shimmer in it. It's a brownish color and I find it has a rosy feel to it. It feels amazing on, I can't even tell I have anything on my eyelids. It doesn't feel sticky on.

I did prime my eyelids before I used it, and it lasted all day without creasing. I found that this eyeshadow layered very easily so you can get the shade you want. I blended it out a little. This is such a gorgeous color, and I loved how it came out! I would definitely purchase this again, and will be purchasing other colors.

 The finished look!

 Hope you like it!
Let me know what Flower Cosmetics you like, and what your favorite cream eyeshadows are!

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beach love

Just a little update for today... So, my parents and I drove down to Orange Beach, Alabama to look at a condo for sale. We just sold our other one and have been looking for a new, bigger, one ever since. We LOVE the one we saw today. I think we're going to put in an offer and I sure hope we get it! The beach is one of my favorite places on earth. It's so relaxing and it's like you're in another world. I snapped a few beach pictures so you can experience the view we might soon have! 

I love the cute little side pool and hot tub. This place has 4 hot tubs and 4 pools! I'm super excited to see if this is the one! 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Trends I'm excited to try this fall

Hey y'all! I'm always always always looking at websites, blogs, magazines, etc. and lately I've been checking out some of the trends that are upcoming for fall. Here are a few things I'm super excited to try!

1. Slouchy Pants
Since it will be cooling down throughout the fall, pants will start to be worn again. These pants can go with so many things, and I like that they don't stick close to your body. In Louisiana the fall really isn't all that "cool". It's still very hot so these are a good option for a fall look, without the heat.

2. Metallic Eyeshadow
I know metallics aren't just for fall. but anyway... I've never worn a true metallic eyeshadow, so I'm really excited to try them this fall. I just bought a dark metallic color from Flower Cosmetics. It looks like such a pretty color. I will be posting a review on it after I use it! This color is "Awesome Blossom".

3. Navy & Burgundy
(Forever 21)

I like these colors separately and paired together; they're very fall appropriate. I'm loving these options from Forever 21!

4. High Waisted Pants
I absolutely LOVE high waisted shorts, so I'm really excited to try some high waisted pants! The high waisted pants really hold everything in and give the look of a small waist. They can be worn so many ways such as, to the office, a night out, or casual with a loose shirt! They come in all different colors and patterns, and I think they look good on most body types. (This is probably the fall trend I'm most excited to try!)

5. Military 

I've never really been into the military style, but it's starting to grow on me. I'm loving these camo pants with the strappy heels to make it look more girly. I also really like this military jacket with the big necklaces. This is a look I definitely want to try this fall!

Let me know what fall trends you want to try!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday! My family and I just got home from church, and it was amazing! Here are a few pictures of what I wore to church today! I've been super excited to wear this and I think it looked pretty darn good! And finally my hair came out the way I like it. (I curled my hair last night and slept on it, and got great looking waves!)
This is not the greatest picture of me. I look way to serious, and I'm not loving it. BUT you can see my makeup so that's why I'm posting it. I did a cat eye and an orangey lip, nothing too special, but it looked really good!

Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Old Khaki (I got this when I went on a mission trip to South Africa, but I'm sure they have a website!
Sandals- Old Khaki
Watch- Michael Kors
Rings- Call it Spring & Forever 21
Nail Polish- O.P.I. "Cajun Shrimp" (LOVE this color!)

Hope you like it!

With love, 


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tonights outfit!

Okay, I know I don't post very often, but I'm really trying to work on that! I want to get to the point where I'm posting at least every other day. Anyway, tonight I went out to dinner with my man and heres a few pictures of my what I wore! I absolutely love this skirt! I didn't exactly know what to wear with it, so I searched around my sister's closet and put this together. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I liked experimenting with it! Let me know what you think!

Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Dillard's
Shoes- Bella Bella Boutique
Watch- Michael Kors

There you have it!

XOXO, Tori